> Glitter Queens Retreat 2015

2015 GQ retreat Gold Fish with Tag
2015 GQ retreat Pillow gift #1 Friday
2015 GQ retreat  departing gift Black and White  tag #1
GQ retreat 2015 Make andTake  projects
Slider cards for retreat Dawn Griffith
GQ retreat  candy bags
Departing gift from the GQ retreat
Ready for our GQ  Retreat
Display board #2
Display board #1
GQ retreat 2015  everything is ready even have lots of chocolate
GQ retreat 2015 M&T project  bags
Glasses from Kris 1st pillow gift #2
1st pillow gift from Kris #2
Making our card candy tag
So many  stamps so little time
Dee is busted again
So much fun
Seriously what's up with my corn
Late night snack Double chocolate fudge cake so yummy
Peek a boo
Stacey Gray Shoe Box swap
Kris Miller shoe box swap
What do you want to eat
Max & Ermas for dinner
GQ  Dollar store field trip
Tic Tac crazy at the DS
Kris Tic Tac crazy at the DS
So much fun on our field trip
Home Goods field Trip
This was pretty much our weekend  PLUS stamping
Halloween towels  at Home goods
Big Daddy is our Escort
Cute Halloween cupcake sprinkles
Does this bag make me look skinny
Davette Flexing her muscle
Going for a ride
Stacey's new frog friend
Stacey's new cute froggy friend
Hot tub beauties
Hot tub fun with my girls
Our last night together  treat
Eating yummy goodies
Pillow gift from Davette Miller
Davette Miller Shoe box swap
Dee Slater Shoe Box Swap
Pillow gift from Stacey Gray
Pillow Gift from Davette front
Pillow gift from Dee Slater front