> 2015 Founders Circle~ Last Splash

FC 2015 T shirt
FC 2015  Kanab Tour Ink  station OH my goodness
FC Kanab tour  card stock area
FC Bus ride back to Hotel  from Kanab we played Bingo  everyone won prize patrol twice
FC Gift from my sweet friend Cindy  from Hawaii
FC final event #2
FC final event table
FC final event table gift from Sara~ Inspire rock inside
FC  Final even #1t
FC  Final even #1t
FC Orb salad bowls Sharon
FC Final event dinner
FC Final event after dinner we went to see West side story play
Final event  at Founders Circle 2015 Dawn Griffith
Swap line at Founders Circle 2015  Dawn Griffith
YUMMY cake on everyones table  for Welcome dinner FC 2015 Dawn Griffith
Kanab group photo
PJ party group photo matching shirts #1
FC welcome  dinner
FC afternoon snack
FC Candy Bar
FC 140 Candy bags were made for all the SU! empolyees at Kanab
FC Hotel note left on my bed
FC  teh BEST Swap line
FC Candy bag tag making table
FC 2015 swaps
FC hubby sent me flowers
FC candy bag project every one brought candy
FC Candy bag tag making table
FC 1st pillow gift
FC Door  name  plate
FC Candy bag  project for all the SU! empolyees
FC Honey
FC photo op with all  kinds of goodies
FC stuffing the candy bags
FC PJ party drinks
FC Kanab  photopolmer sets being made
FC ice cream bar
FC Last Splash
FC last Splash Photo bomb
FC PJ party after swap
FC Pillow gift opened ( Make up brushes inside )
FC Make and take table
FC Kanab  freebies
FC PJ party
FC Pillow gift #2
FC pool  time
FC welcome dinner  Laura
FC welcome dinner  watermelon wonder team
FC welcome dinner pool area