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Sing it sistah!



God Bless you!

I needed to read what you wrote right now and God brought me here to see it.
Thank You Dawn.

Dawn, you are touching many people with your witness. God's blessings to you!

I too am a christian. I attend an assembly of God church and am involved in a music ministry with ages 3-5. Your testimony touched me when I read this. As things have been very hard for me the last year. My husband owns several rentals and is losing money and things are really hard. I also have 2 kids in college so money sometimes is hard to come by. Please pray for me that I can make this business go. I have had to spend more of my own money and now that has become very hard. Your words always inspire me and I am going to keep trying Marcia

Thank you Dawn for your witness and your boldness for Christ. I am excited that I have found your web!!! I, too, am asking the Lord to be less of ME and MORE of HIM. My desire is to do his will. I will pray for you and if you will pray for me maybe we can be an inspiration to each other. Thank you again.

wow it is wonderful to see Christ at work.
Your testimony is mine as well.
I can't tell you the blessings I recieved because of stamping.
Thank you for sharing.

you are awesome and the best!

i wish you were my aunt.

Happy Birthday Dawn and the best to you from a Scrap'n 62 year old!. I love your blog and all your helpful hints! Keep up the good work and always remember that the scraping world is better for it!

Thank you for your testimony, God is great. You do not know how much I love your blog and you-tube. Stamping, brings joy into my life and hope others I share my cards with. God bless Jane

Dawn, Thank you for sharing your testimony! Your passion for people show in what you do. Never lose heart of what you do or WHOM you do it for. God Bless You.

Thanks for sharing, Dawn. I think it's marvelous you're using this blog to bring glory to God. I would like to hear your personal testimony. You may have posted it already, so I'll go look now.

Dawn, What an encourgement it was reading your testimony. I am also a believer and it's been such a blessing being able to learn new things all the time on your blog. I really appreciate your willingness to do this.

Hi dawn,
I stumbled (by God's Grace) on you.tube, looking for a new idea on packing my jewelry. A vendor showed me how to make a sm. bag with an envelope, but your ideas are terrific! I too am a Believer and Follower of Jesus, your blogsite is a blessing!!! I am subscribing to your feed now and I thank GOD for your Holy boldness and for meeting another sis in Christ! You are in my prayers! 3John2 is for you.

Thanks! You warm my heart. You are the first blog I go to every day.

love you dawn your such an insperation to all you give and do im glad i found your site and had the awsome chanch to speak with you take care and keep up the awsome work debbie

Yes, Dawn, you are a true Christian in
every sense of the word.....you do give of
your time & talents and are an inspiration to all of us...you have helped each of us do things we never thought we could do or even think of doing....keep up the good work!

I really enjoy looking at your blog and the neat ideas from a fellow stamper. However, I was REALLY excited and blessed to read your testimony and know that you are a sister in Christ! God bless you abundantly as you share your love of the Lord and your love of stamping! : )

Awesome Testimony Dawn - thank you for showing your love of our Christ! Kepp the love showing! ~Blessings~

What a beautiful testimony on Easter Day! I just finished presenting an Easter program called Alive! Alive! at our local 1st Baptist Church. I love working with the kids as they inspire me to be a better witness for Christ. Your are an inspiriation to me also. Thank you and may your ministry be blessed.

What an amazing testamony. Yes the Lord has used you mightly. I hadn't stamped for months, and I saw one of your videos and it was so encouraging and uplifting, and it was easy. I just love your happy sprit. I knew there was something very special about you. I have told my friends, I concider you my stamping mentor. I love ya Dawn, and pray many blessings over you and your business
Many blessings

I did not know you were a Christian cleverly disguised as a crafter!!!
I stumbled on you by chance and felt a connection immediately but not why. Now l know - all things work together for good....for those who know the Lord. I have put two very special ladies onto you .
You are helping me to be a witness now, so bless you sister.

Love Barbara.

Thank you for your sharing.

Great Blog!

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