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Its amazing. I have been struggling with faith these last couple of months and it seems like the perfect time I have come upon your post. Thank you so much for inspiring me to open my bible once again and seek God and learn to have faith. :)


Thanks God for people like you.... I love your blog!! every little thing is so unique and special... like you! ZEPHANIAH 3:17

Dawn, you are amazing. I have just spent the better part of 2 hours absorbing your videos. I could listen to you all day. Then I saw the the side bar that asked if you are going to Heaven. I am so glad you are a Christian too. You gave the plan of Salvation. How cool is that!!! I have gleened alot of info from you tonight. I have been doing this for about 1 1/2 years. I do it because I truely love making cards. My husband is the Director of Adult Ministry at Westorver Hills Assembly of God (whag.net). On Monday I do a card class for the seniors 55-and up. They will leave me a donation for the supplies and all are happy by the end of class. Continue to do what you do because you are by far the best I have seen. Thanks for all the tips and I will continue to stop by.
See you on the way UP!!! :)

What a beautiful testimony to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is truly my passion as well, and I don't get out of bed until I give Him the glory and ask that His Will be done for the day! You surely have shown that testimony each day on your blog!
Thank you sister!

Dawn, Thank you so much for giving us such inspiration. There is nothing I can add but THANKS because I agree with all the comments above. You are a wonderful person and I truly thank God for you and your thoughtfullness!!!

Dawn, Yes!!! And I also want to say great job on getting the word out. So many people now days just have no clue!! So I hope that after reading your blog they are as inspired as I was and are. Please pray for my husband, hes been off work since Nov due to a back injury and will be having surgery this month. Pray he gets through the surgery fine and heals fast so he can get back to his job. Bridget

Dawn, thanks for such boldness in sharing God's word. I am sure he has a special Glittery mansion just for you... You are such an inspiration to many but I can honestly say that I am your #1 fan... I look forward to seeing each new post...
Hugs & Prayers

Thank you for clearly and accurately presenting the Good News. I accepted Christ as Savior when I was 7 and, just as another blogger commented, I strayed away during my teen age years. However, that moral compass thankfully kept me from straying too far left of center and ruining my life with sex, alcohol or drugs.
I rededicated my life to Christ and space does not permit a recounting of God's grace and goodness to me.

Yes,I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 9 years old. I would like to meet you here on earth yet,but for sure look forward to meeting and seeing you in Heaven! Thank you for being bold and taking a stand for the Lord and extending it to anyone and everyone who reads your blog. A special speaker at our church today encouraged us to be soul-winners. That's what you are! I praise God for you Dawn!!

Yes Dawn I will meet you in Heaven because as God is my witness I won't meet you on earth, we live in different parts of the world.
I have known God all my life but have wondered off the path for quite a few years, then about three years ago I found the right path again and Glory be to God he gives me peace.
I have watch your videos and what a wonderful way to spread the word of God.
Bless you from Australia

Dawn I love how you always put the Lord first; even before your stamping on your site. He is glorified through you. He shines through you in every way. I've never met you on earth, but for sure in heaven!!!!! I bet you are so excited for your upcoming visit from Shelli. I saw on her blog that she is headed to Michigan. Have a fabulous time with her. You so earned it!!!
Sue Ring
Canton, MI

Hallelujah! We will meet one day. Nov. 12, 1968...so I am 41 years old in the Lord...57 in earthly years.
Can hardly wait to see family & friends again in the presence of our Lord.

Dawn, What a wonderful statement from HUBBY brought tears to my eyes and had to respond.
He has to be a very special man and yes we all need to reach out and keep CHRIST on the
front burner. Sad that our schools have strayed from PRAYER etc. But I was in school in the late 40's and early 50's and we strated our day reading the BIBLE and SAYING THE LORDS PRAYER. PRAISE THE LORD.


Hi Dawn,

I've been watching your videos on Youtube and have just decided to visit your blog. Imagine my delight to discover that you are a Christian believer!

I was born again 25 years ago so I will see you in heaven!

May the Lord bless you richly, and enable you to continue to bring joy to others, and to share your faith with them as well.


Hey Dawn, great videos on Youtube. I clicked on to your site and am thrilled to see "are you going to Heaven?" I am indeed, thanks to my Saviour who has personally paid for my sins. He has done many wondrous things in my life and my faith is growing stronger day by day. Also, I am growing stronger as I stand up to be counted as a Christian, an area I still struggle with. I'm glad to know I will one day meet you in person. Thanks for adding your faith to your website.

Blessings from Australia

I was thrilled to find out that you're a Christian and not ashamed to share your faith. I pray God will bless your ministry as you reach out to others through your amazing gifts and talents. May many come to the saving grace of our precious Lord and Savior through this site. Bless you sister and see you in heaven!

Adriana xx

What a wonderful post -- you're an inspiration and may God bless you, my dear. I'm so happy I found your site on this ole internet -- Hugs, Syl xxxooo

Love Love Love Love Love this time a bunch. I knew there was something very special about you Dawn. I love Jesus with all of my heart!!! He has done so much for me, I want to encourage others. I hve started stamping and used my God given gift again. Thanks for your encouragement. I love stampin for Jesus

Amen!!Thank you Dawn!

Yes, I trusted Jesus as my Savior as a child and know, without a doubt, that I will spend Eternity in Heaven! Thanks for not only sharing your paper crafting gift but proclaiming your Christianity as well~ a great way to minister. I would suggest a good read: "HEAVEN IS FOR REAL"... a wonderful depiction of Heaven through the eyes of a 4 year old.. Texan for Christ

Hi Dawn, I am a new StampinUp demonstrator here in the UK and have come accross your site via a link our team news site. I am a born again Christian who is gooing to heaven as Jesus has paid for my ticket. I am so pleased to see that you have been abale to put this on your blog to reach people, it is so clear and concise, I hope when I have my blog up and running that I to can put something similar on mine. God Bless Sue

Now I am even more excited that I found your website. What a wonderful way to share the gospel. I am also your sister in Christ.

July 1975


I'm a Catholic and believe in God.
I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior I accidentley found this site.
I love to Scrapbook and make cards,
I never met you but thank you for sharing God word. May God Bless You.

YOU are SUCH A BLESSING Dawn! I hadn't seen this on your blog before, BUT KNEW you were a Christian! I PRAISE GOD that He directed me to your site! I/WE too, are "Born Again Christians!" Praise God for your witness to the world through your blogging! :)

Good Morning, Dawn!

Happy Easter! I know this is an old post but I just found it. What a beautiful message! I do believe in Jesus Christ and He is my Savior! I'll see you in Heaven Dawn and I'll know when I see you because you'll be wearing Purple. LOL! I have saved your blog to my Favorites and I try to check it often. You are a blessing and very Talented. I'm always excited to see what you'll make next. Thank You and Take Care! Georganna

Dawn, I have been getting your e-mail newsletter for quite a long time. Tonight is the first time I found "Dawn's Testimony" on the sidebar and decided to click on it. I knew you were a special, loving, creative, and caring person, and now what a joy to find out we are sister's in Christ. Praise God for His Son. Praise God for using you in such a tremendous way to tell others about Jesus. Praise God for His Word which gives us direction for the journey as we travel Home. At the age of seven, while sitting on my mother's lap, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. Now close to seventy years of age, and the many challenges life brings over that length of time, one particular verse has been my solid rock daily. I share it with as many people as possible; known, unknown, Christians and non-Christians. "Jesus Christ IS the SAME yesterday, today and forever." HE NEVER CHANGES - He is my rock! Thank you dear sister for allowing God to use you and be assured He has done that. Yes, we will meet one glorious day at home with Jesus!

Hi Dawn I'm not a stampinup demonstrator yet but love the products
I was just reading one of your blogs how lovely to witness your love of God through stampinup I became a Christian in 1986 at a BIlly Graham campaign may God bless you in the work you do and happy Stampin from Linda

WOW !!!! Thanks Dawn....

Thank you so much for sharing the plan of salvation on your blog. I was saved as a child over 50 years ago. I am so thankful Jesus shed his blood for me. God bless you!

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