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February 24, 2017


Yowsers! You really did a number on your hand! Wow! Don't you hate it when it really looks worse than it is? But I understand that you love the color purple! You wore it well!!!! Thanks for what you do...I appreciate your wonderful videos!

I love your cards and your videos are so helpful. Keep it up please!

Your videos are the best!! You don't waste any time and explain things perfectly. Thank you for them.

Can't wait to see your new blog, you always have such neat videos. Thanks for the chance to win

Darling cards, oh ouch to your hand...I bruise so easily and now that I'm older, I get these red marks and if I bump them, my skin tears open, heck getting old...sorry to raddle on, thanks for all u do, your awesome!

Thanks for the opportunity to win this stamp set, it has great sayings! Good luck with your upcoming new blog!!!

Oh man! Your knuckle looks bad! Get better soon! Love the stamp set!!!! Could definitely use that!!! Wink wink! 😜

If you can still make awesome projects, the bruise doesn't matter as long as no pain!! Thanks for blog candy!!

Loved your cards this week. Glad to hear that your hand is doing better. TFS

I love this stamp set and your blog. Hope your hand feels better soon.

Ouch! I do that a lot but you must have hit it really hard. Hope it is better soon. I really like your projects and the way you present them is so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.

Linda D.

Glad to hear your injury wasn't more serious. Goes to show that our jobs are tough. :) Love your blog; looking forward to your new one. Can't wait to see your nails. Thank you for all your awesome videos, tips and techniques. And thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.

Hope the hand heals quick. Thanks for another chance to win.

I love your videos. They are so professional.

Thanks for this opportunity! Love the Blog and all your help and teachings. Your hand will get better, but it has to go thru that lovely green and yellow stage, too. LOL Be careful!

That stamp set is faboolous! Love it so much! (Obviously with my online paper crafting name is Miss Boo.) I'm sure your new blog will be fabulous, too. Happy to hear your hand is doing better.

I really look forward to your videos. Did the same to my hand a few months ago............looked awful but didn't hurt too much. Glad yours is healing. Thanks for a chance at this awesome set!

Glad to hear your hand is better!
That would be a great stamp set to have!

Thanks for the fabulous as always videos. Thanks too for sharing a little about yourself--hope your hand gets better fast. Have fun doing your nails.

I did not even notice the bruise but so glad it is better. Thank you for all of the video's you have such great projects.

You continue to inspire me with all your wonderful creations!

Hi Dawn...I sure hope your hand is much better now...just want to say thank you for sharing your ideas and videos with us....I take a look at your blog everyday...and I have used a lot of your ideas...you are a very talented lady...Oh glad I can join in now..I finally learned what a url was

I have a great remedy for bruises, Aricare Gel. It is a homeopathic gel, that you can get at Walmart, CVS. all you do is rub it on as soon as you bump yourself, or notice a bruise. The bruise will go right to the yellow stage, no blue or purple. A plastic surgeon told me about it.
Good lick!

That is certainly a nasty looking bruise. So glad to know it is getting better. Enjoy your manicure. TFS so many wonderful cards & ideas.

Love watching your videos& getting inkspiration!!! Xo

Hi, Dawn - so happy your hand is getting better. Thanks for the opportunity to win blog candy!! I hadn't noticed the "Owee" - your hands and nails always look very nice.

Great set! Thanks for all the ideas!

Can't wait to see your new blog! Glad your hand is on the mend! XO

I oils lov to have this stamp set. Hope your hand is feeling better.

Cute set. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Nice bruise too 😉

Your videos and projects are so inspirational. Thank you sharing your creativity with everyone.

I especially liked the peek-a-boo slider card this week! Thank you for the chance to win!

My goodness, please be careful. Hope you feel better real soon. Great

Hope your bruised knuckle does not hurt too bad! Love this BLOG candy! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!!

So sorry about your hand, but glad it's better. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy and for all the jnspiration you share.

So sorry about your Boo-Boo. I just wish you were my next door neighbor! Love your ideas and read your blog everyday. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Dawn, I find your videos very creative and enjoyable! You always seem so positive, and I like that you "get right to it" in your videos! Thanks for being so fun to follow & watch....and I hope your hand continues to improve!

Love all your ideas and techniques!

Love your tutorials!

That bruise looks painful!! Glad your hand is healing.
Loving that stamp set with the variety of greetings.
Thanks for your videos, very informative & easy to follow!!

bonjour à vous , votre main ressemble aux miennes , je suis atteinte d'une maladie le syndrome d'ellers danlos et j'ai des marques partout comme sur votre main ...il faut
faire attention , il y a un traitement si vous souffrez de trop , mais les mains ou les jambes peuvent etre deformées a force que l'on se cogne et que l'on marque pour un oui ou pour un non , si non j'adore votre blog et je me sert de vos modeles pour refaire mes cartes , car ils sont tres bien faits et tres bien expliquer , mille merci à vous pour tout , et mon fils est dingue de moto harley davison , il est entrain d'en refaire une , peut être qu'un jour il m'emmenra vous vois sur sa moto ???? lol ça ferait trop loin pour moi le voyage !!! j'habite en France , en champagne...
je vous embrasse bien fort et à bientôt de vos nouvelles et de belles creas de scrap et vive les produits stampin up...
gros bisous à vous
Marie line

Pretty cards! Love that sparkle! :)
My hand hurts from just looking at your bruised hand! I hope it is looking much better by now!
Thanks for the chance to win an awesome stamp set... love it! Great set of sentiments!

Ouch! Looks like one of my tricks! I'm always breaking my fingernails (especially when I make beds) and toenails. Nice blog candy!

I didn't notice bruise in videos. I hope your hand doesn't hurt too bad. Try some Arnica gel on the bruise.... thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy.

Ouch! It looks sore! Glad nothing was broken. Thanks for sharing your tutorials, I enjoy learning from you!

Thank you For All of the inspiration you give in your videos.

Love your videos. Thank you for all you do.

Your enthusiasm and videos are great! Looking forward to each new addition. Thanks!

Hi Dawn :-)
Looking forward to seeing your blog makeover!

Ouch, that hand looks sore! Love your ideas and videos.

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