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February 24, 2017


your hand looks sore...glad you did not break anything. Looks like you make your bed with a fury. Ha!!! Love all your projects you share ....Thanks, hugs, syl xxxooo

Love watching your videos.

Ouch! Sorry about the boo-boo

Thank you for the stamp set! Yippee!

Didn't notice the boo boo before. Hope it doesn't hurt. Check your blog daily.

I did not notice the bruise in any of your videos. You hid it well. Thanks for a chance to win the stamp set!

This is an awesome set you're offering! Thanks so much for your generosity - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your videos - always so easy to follow.

Love your blog and can't wait to see the new one. I love it when you mention places where you live as I grew up in Clarkston. Bob Seger was my neighbor as a teenager!! Can't go a day without your blog. Thank you!!

I hadn't noticed the bruise, so glad it is fading. This stamp set is 'faboolous"!

This just proves that housework is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs! Glad it's getting better. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Didn't notice the bruise in your videos. Glad it's getting better. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome stamp set!!
Looking forward to your new blog.
Have a great weekend!!!!!

What fun getting a new look for the blog, terrific giveaway stamp set and springtime just around the corner....glad that nasty bruise is mending...those can hurt like crazy!

Congrats on the new upcoming blog!

I did not notice the bruise. Happy it is not too bad. Have a sparkling week end. Excited to see your new blog.

That bruise looks painful! Hope it's not as sore as it looks! Anxious to see your new blog look. Thanks for the chance at blog candy!

LOVE your blog and this stamp set!!!

Another great card idea. The bruise looks like it hurts, hope it doesn't hurt as much. Great blog candy. Have a good weekend.

Oh my lanta.....that's quite the bruise. But thanks for the excellent card ideas, as always.

Thanks for all your great ideas. Sorry about your bad bruise but it is your favorite color!

Ouch! Glad it looks worse than it was. I always enjoy watching your videos that give me a creative boost. Great blog candy.

Love all your goodies so cute

Ouch!!! Hope you heal quickly!!!
Thanks for the opportunity to win a great product.

Glad your hand is on the mend! Ouch!

I send monthly cards to my young nephews in Austria, and their favorites are the ones that "do something." The peekaboo slider is one I hadn't thought of for a while -- they'll be getting one of those soon! Thanks for the great ideas.

Happy your hand is healing and that you didn't break anything. Thanks for all the videos and ideas that you share. I really enjoy your blog!

Hi Dawn,

I love your videos. I just recently completed a four fold card using your instructions and video and it turned out great.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

I love the stamp set, I especially like that it includes a sentiment for Halloween.

Love your videos. Sorry about the hand.

Thought the color of your bruised knuckle would make a nice new ink shade! Ouch! It does look sore. I love your videos...you have taught me so much and I am grateful. Thank you, Dawn!

Your blog and videos are
FaBOOlous! (See what I did there?)
Hand looks nasty. Hope it feels better fast.

I hate it when a small bump looks like something huge. Glad it's healing. I love your balloon explosion. It's on my list of things to try. Thanks for all your inspiration.

Hope your hand is on the road to recovery, looks very painful. Very nice stamp set your giving away, hope to win.

Both videos are great. You do a great job.

Always love your blog !! Family stuff plus all the cool SU stuff too!

Always enjoy your videos!! So sorry about the ouchie on your hand!! Heal quickly!

You can never have too many sentiment stamps and these are great!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it! Glad you hand is healing. Looks like that one hurt big time!
Thanks too for all your inspiration.

Love this stamp set. Thank you for offering it. Glad your hand is getting better.

I keep telling everyone that housework is dangerous to our health. I do my best to avoid it. Heal quickly! Love your videos and your excitement.

Cute stamp set. What I really wanted to comment on are your videos. I have watched and rewatched them. I appreciate that you make things simple and uncomplicated for some of us who are not quite experts. Keep up your stunning work.

I would love to win this weeks blog candy. Hope your bruise is looking better. It seems like the older we get, the more bruises we get LOL
thanks for all your hard work and hugs

Thank You Dawn for all the projects you share with us !

Looking forward to making some peekaboo slider cards. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

Thanks for the peek-a-boo slider card tute - I made 6 for a swap I'm in! Super fun!

Ouch! Love your card ideas, thanks for sharing!

Well, ouch...that had to hurt!
I would love to win...thank you for the chance! Can't wait to see your ideas.

I love your videos! I have been watching you for 6 years and you always amaze me and give me great inspiration. I hope your hand is better soon. Thank you for all you do!

Thanks for all your videos. Enjoy them so much. Hope your hand heals up soon. Thanks for a chance for the giveaway.

Hey, another great week of projects. Thanks a mill!

Ouch - what a bruise. Love your videos.

Another amazing tutorial! Hope the hand heals quickly.

Awesome Stamp Set!
Love your Blog!

Glad your hand is better, mine bruised too but from IV's . Thanks for offering the Blog candy! Really learn so much from your projects and videos.

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