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November 02, 2016


I am with you Dawn, I love this stamp set, it is so beautiful. I forgot all about the bleaching technique but I am going to try it with this set. Thank you for sharing.

How funny you brought back the bleach technique. I am making journals for the teachers at school for Christmas and I'm bleaching. Never saw it with the bleach pen; thanks for that. AND I LOVE THE STAMP SET!!!! It is my new all time favorite. Sure wish I could buy just that one sentiment though.

I cannot tell you just how much I enjoy your tutorials! I love that you tell and show us exactly how to do a card and you go silent while we watch...this allows us to concentrate on what you're doing...some demonstrators feel they need to gab and it's distracting when learning....love, love love your cards...

Wish I would have found you sooner; I discovered you after I had chosen a demonstrator, who I am very happy with, but I do love your work!

I'm so happy you chose this set to demo with it is so pretty and versitile. I can remember way back when ( I think I was still beating my clothes against rocks in the river lol ) I first saw this technique and how much I loved it. Then when Clorox came out with the bleach pens it made doing this technique so much easier! Thanks Dawn have a great day!

Love this stamp set. Love this card! You hit a home run just like the Chicago Cubs did lol:). When I emboss with any of our ink pads to make it that color, I ink the stamp with Versa Mark, ink the stamp with the desired ink, stamp, sprinkle clear Embossing Powder, then heat. That doesn't compromise the ink pad and provides a little more sticking power for the powder. Shelli doesn't do the Versa Mark first, either. Thanks for explaining why the bleach pen instead of liquid bleach. I can't wait to try this:)

Love your cards and the bleach technique. Great tip about the bleach pen. TFS

I am taking a break from the Cubs game here. I actually found my Clorox Bleach Pen so now there is no reason to not try this technique. These two examples are really cool. Of course now I have a reason to get the paisley set! Thanks for some great tips too. Go CUBS!!!!

Definitely going to try this, looks great.
Thanks for sharing.

LOVE this card!!! TFS!

What stunning work. Your cards pop right out at me.

Love the Bermuda bay card. It really pops with the black. Can't wait to try this technique.

Love the bleaching on the paisley set

omg just love this lesson keep them coming!

Thank you so much for bringing this technique to the front, Dawn! I always love the special look it gives to our cards! These Paisley sets are awesome with it!

What a neat technique! I am going to try this.

I haven't tried this technique yet. I like the idea of the bleach pen. Your card is gorgeous. This stamp set is perfect for this technique.

I never heard of this before but you can bet I will try it.
thanks Dawn
Love your idea's

Hmmm...Just added the 'Chlorox Bleach Pen' to my shopping list! Never thought of the pen...saw this technique done with stamps and also a Q-tip...the 'Bleach' pen is the best I have seen! Thank you for sharing this! Yup...going to have to do this one too!

I tried this technique yesterday and it turned out beautiful
I loved the look achieved. Thank you Dawn again for sharing your ideas and talent with us.

I love your cards and look forward to your tutorials. Thank you.

I just researched the hash tag #Imbringingbirthdaysback and found it interesting. Was inspired by Shannon West (or Janet - couldn't understand the first name) in January.
I plan to order it!! Thanks for sharing Dawn.

I haven't tried bleaching for a while will have to try it. I love the monochromatic colors.

Love the bleaching technique, had never thought of using the bleach pen. Thanks for the idea.

Great looking card!

This may be an old technique, but it is new to me. Thanks for sharing it and showing us how to do it.

I have never been a big fan of paisley anything, but between the Joseph's coat technique and the bleaching technique, I may have to rethink this! Just gorgeous! TFS! m2

Grocery shopping tomorrow, I will definitely be putting a bleach pen in my cart. Loved your cards!!

The Paisley's and Posies is by far one of my favorite stamp sets. I must try the bleach technique because it really makes the card pop. Thanks

Just Love this card. Bermuda Bay is a beautiful color for this technique. But, the string of pearls really makes the whole card amazing! Without those it's great, but with them , it's just stunning! Thanks for sharing, it's just beautiful!

Might be old to you,but it is new to me! Thanks for showing us how to do it. I'm off to get a bleach pen. I am anxious to try it.

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