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September 06, 2016


Sorry for the bad news..sending prayers to the both of you.

Sorry for both of you.............praying for a speedy recovery!

Omg...you are so clumsy girl!!! Hope your feeling better. I think you need to invest in bubble wrap & wrap yourself up when you get out of bed each day!!! 😂😂😂. So sorry couldn't help myself! ❤️ Hope hubby is feeling better today. (((Hugs))) for both of you!
Cute paper clip idea!

Super cute clip. Just a note I would add a ribbon so pages don't get stuck to the clip.

These are adorable! Love the glittered nose. I'll be watching the video to get some good tips.
So sorry about your mishap! I hope you are both on the mend!

Very cute. I have a package of those big paper clips for when I was going to make the owl ones that never happened. Maybe this time! Speedy recovery for you both.

These paper clips are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Linda D.

Dawn, really, really love these . Trying to find those paper clips locally and haven't yet. But all else fails, Amazon is the place for everything! Have a speedy recovery.

These are so cute and would make a nice quick gift.

Very cute paper clips. Rudolph will decorate a lot of things......

I hope that you and hubby are both feeling better. You are in my prayers.

Joan Garlough


So sorry to hear about your accident :( Hope you and your hubby are feeling much better! I love this paper clip idea - the reindeer is just darling with the sparkly red nose. Thanks for sharing :)

So cute for a bookmark or something similar to that. Prayers to both of you.

This will make a very cute gift for co-workers. Gotta get started!

Sorry about your stitches....prayers for your husband. I think the raindeer paper clip is so cute! Thinking of great-grandkids!

Wow, so sorry for your troubles....sending hugs. Love the paper clip tho

Cute to give as gifts to my card making girls. Thank you for sharing

Healthy wishes for both of you! We certainly couldn't be without you and all your fabulous videos!!!
Wish you could have pattern and directions for those lovely giant flowers you had on the wall for your glitter queens. Just a thought...
Keep up those wonderful ideas. Arlene

Love these clips, they will be fun for great-grandson's Christmas gift tag.

CUTE idea for paperclips!! Sorry to hear you had to get stitches -Ouch- feel better soon!

Oh Dawn Im so sorry for you I can not believe your luck. I suffer from chronic pain (among other things) and I know how it does weird things to your body and balance! Also your poor hubby I suffered with gallbladder issues for a while years ago but did not know what it was until I had a killer attack back in 1993! I was literally crawling around on the floor it took hubby a while to convince me to go to ER but I was glad I finally did cause I found out I did have several stones and needed my gallbladder removed. Fortunately for me they had just started doing the scope surgery so it really was not bad at all. The other thing I found out is that if a stone or stones block the duct it can cause issues with your liver so please have him go in for an ultra sound. I will keep you both in my prayers for better health to come your way. God bless you both ❤️

Sorry about all your "mishaps" hope all is better now.
Adorable project! Could do this with so many different themes. Thanks for another great video.

So cute. Hope I can find clips to use for Oct.

I'll be attaching one of these to a wish list & order slip at my upcoming event.
Thanks so much!

Such a cute little guy!!

These are soooooo cute and easy to make. Great idea!

Great card love it.


These are so cute..

Dawn, sure hope you and your hubby are well on your way to a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. And I love these paper clips. What a cute idea.

Sorry about your accident, hope you are feeling better. This little clip is adorable.

That is adorable Reindeer paper clip. Thank you so much for sharing that. I am so sorry to hear about both of you. Praying for fast healing for both you.

These are just adorable! Thanks for all you so!

The reindeer clip is so cute.

Omg!i have a holiday catalog party coming up and I think everyone needs one of these! Thank you for sharing!

How adorable is that? I love your creativity! Sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you are feeling better soon!!

Healing prayer to you both, feel better soon. Wish I had some jumbo clips.......thank you for yet another great video.

Oh my gosh, sorry to hear bad news of you and hubby. After 7 yrs of pain with gallbladder, I had it removed (the old way). I told the Dr. I was so stupid for not listening to him and having it done sooner. Now they use a scope and not the pain/stiches. Hope you are both feeling better very soon! I love the clips, they are so stick'n cute. I really love all three video's and will be making all of them.

Very cute idea. Love em!

These "Rudolphs" are the cutest! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, Dawn! You and your hubby are seriously due for somethig GOOD to come your way! And I have to say, that reindeer clip is one of the cutest things I've seen in a lo-o-ong time! m2

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