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September 11, 2016


Glad to see you are alright. Sounds like a terrible ordeal! Take care

You have kept your sense of humor through it all. Take care and I am sending healing thoughts your way.

You poor baby..that looks so nasty and painful. Please heal quickly!!!

Have you ever considered wearing metal plated leggings? LOL!

Oh Dawn - ouch. Poor you ;>( Yes I think you do have a number of "battle scares". But you always seem so cheerful, at least outwardly when things happen. You are a trooper my dear, a super trooper. You take good care.

What a fantastic, positive attitude you have! You truly (I mean it) are an inspiration to your readers...not only with your cards, but the way you handle life...thank you!

Oh my.... glad you have kept your sense of humor through it all! Rest up and take it easy! Glad you are on the mend!

Oh Dawn it truly does look like a shark bite - so glad that you can laugh about your mishap. Keep your leg elevated and keep your spirits high - maybe a little more water with your "spirits".

Hugs: Mal, Melbourne, Australia

Seriously, you have to stop doing this! That looks nasty and sore. I hope you continue to heal and feel better. Girl, you are scary!! Hugs.

Wowzers...really DOES look like a shark bite! Please, no more falls or freak accidents! Feel better soon...thinking of you!

Owieeee...So glad you are better.
After all your injuries, might suggest keeping you wrapped up in bubble wrap so you don't get hurt again!!! =)

Healing prayers and hugs coming your way.

DAWN!!! I took a quick peak at your photos, but have to say, I don't like to see blood.... LOL So, I just wanted to say, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF & WHAT IS IT WITH THESE ACCIDENTS? LOL I'll be praying for you!!! ;) (((HUGS!)))

OMG Dawn, I hope you heal fast! Wishing you a quick recovery girl!

Love you momma

Hi there Dawn, Love your 9/11 pic.
Did you get a chance to see the 9/11 15 year card I made? If not, come by my FB page at QueenBeaScraps to check it out.
I love all your projects and videos

I'm so sorry about your let, Dawn! Had you posted anything about how it had happened?? I checked your posts from Sept. 3 and don't see any mention. Regardless, goodness! Feel better and get well soon!

Bless your heart (and leg). Hope the shark died after that bite!!! 💦🐟

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