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September 27, 2016


Great tips! I am not a demo, which these really would come in handy, but even if you were doing a lot of cards assembly line fashion this sure would come in handy! Who knew I would still be using grandma's favorite kitchen accessory, wax paper!

What a great idea! Thanks,Dawn!

Great tips, Dawn. TFS

I can't find this video. It was here this morning, but I did not have time to see it and now it is gone........

Years and years ago when I was a demo I would do this for the ladies who came to my work shops. They LOVED it. Many of them would break out in a sweat at the thought of tying a bow lol. I would just tie the bows all at once and easy peasy they were ready to put on their project. This way everyone goes home happy wih pretty bows. As you probably know it's the little things hat make them happy.

Love this tip for making bows. you can do this with any ribbon and it works great.

Hi Dawn,

Could you please put the bow video back up?


Clever, clever idea. Thanks for sharing with us.

A great little tip and cuts down on waste and time when using for stamp camps or making for swaps. TFS!

great idea

Love the bows, thanks.

great idea Dawn
you never cease to amaze us
thank you for the tip


I always am excited to see what new way of doing cards you have done. You are a very talented lady.

Great tips and will definitely use them
Anne Lyons

Great idea!! Love your blog!

Thanks for the great ideas, Dawn.

Good Idea! I did this with those little Butterflies...it wasn't intentionally thought of...but it held them till I needed them! Thanks for Sharing this, now I know there are other things that can be 'held'. Blessings to you!

Great tips, thanks!

These are great tips Dawn. I really appreciate all the help I can get!!

In all the years I've been stamping, I can't believe I did not think of this tip. thank you, Jane

Simple and effective. Another good idea. Thanks.

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us every day.

What a great idea!

A great idea!

Fantastic idea! Thanks!

Great tips. Will save alto of time in classes.

Dawn thank you for going to the trouble for posting such good tips

Dawn, your tips are great.

Great tip! I do know a few who do not like making bows... this would be a perfect solution. Thank you.

Very, very awesome tip; fabulous! TFS, Dawn!

Love this idea I always loose my bows.

Great tip, thanks for sharing!

Great tips. Thanks Dawn!

Great idea!!!

How great to teach my 4H kids. Always love learning things to help them. Thanks.

Great idea when making multiple cards.

Never thought of using the Green Glue and wax paper - thanks, Dawn!

Love your "tips". I don't do stamping camps or Demos, but I sure can use this idea for making cards! Especially for times you are producing several of the same card. I can now cut, stamp, and embellish all in mass production!

Love this idea. You can make the bow and save for future use.many times I have just enough to make a bow and it goes into a pile of scrap ribbon.

Great idea! I will me making a lot of the same card soon and this will make it go much faster! Thanks Dawn, I always learn something new.

Great idea....thanks for all you share on your wonderful blog.

Helpful tip when traveling or having a stamp night

Thanks for the helpful tip. Can't also get enough of that WASHI Tape. LOVE LOVE!

I love this idea. Great for travel, or for making them ahead of time.

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