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August 14, 2016


Dawn, I am not a customer of yours but look at your page everyday. Noticed this morning that you were talking about your husbands back. If the treatment his Doc is giving him now does not work- I highly recommend a procedure called Radio Frequency My husband was in an accident and this was like a miracle for him. He was on a walker had terrible back pain. First treatment he walked out the Doc's office with no help at all and no back pain it was wonderful.

I sure hope the therapy works for Richard's back.
That would be awesome. Can't wait to see your video
of you all signing--funny.
Thanks for all you do.

Here's praying that therapy works for your hubby. Back pain can be a horrible thing. Both my son and hubby had to have surgery because of it but thank God they are now doing well. Bad thing they were never given the option of doing therapy first.

Hi Dawn,
I had to tell you, I had the shots in my back and it really helped. I was pain free for 1 year and just had my second shot. Glad I did not rush into surgery, this was so much better. Good luck to Rich, my prayers are out to both of you.

Dawn, he is so lucky. His spine is straight! I thought the shots helped immensely! Tell him good uck and you have fun with the ladies

Dawn, I am praying for an good fix for Rich's back. One word of caution...if they do shots, and they are sometimes steroid shots, be warned that Rich could have mood swings that he would never have otherwise. My husband went through that when he had his, before he had to have surgery. It was not easy to go through all that he had, but I thank God everyday for his hands working with the best of doctors.

My prayers are with you. Keep us up to date.

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