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June 26, 2016


Hi Dawn,
I am a demonstrator, too. I live on the West Coast of MI, near Little Point Sable Light House. I follow your videos, etc., and love all your ideas, plus your videos are quick and to the point. Love that! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that my husband Mark, is a Viet 'nam vet, who is in a wheelchair, and would love to ride if he could. We sent a $100 donation in Rich's name for the wounded soldiers. I think it's a wonderful thing he does. Please thank him for us.

Your husband's cross country Harley ride is so cool! Hope it has cooled down some here if he makes it to South Carolina! My dad went for a Harley ride yesterday and it was 99° once get came home because it was too hot out.

Dawn, I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to donate to such a wonderful cause. You and Rick are really putting the word out in a fun way. I felt so good donating to our injured soldiers and knowing I helped them in a small way. Rick is amazing to be able to go on this ride!!!
With Love and Gratitude
Cindy Henry

FYI - just donated - not a lot but every little bit helps. As a retired service member with three deployments under my belt, I am truly grateful that you have chosen this group to donate to. I have many fellow soldiers who benefit from groups such as this. Thank you again for supporting our troops!

I am following your husband on his ride, too, and was so surprised to see that he was just miles from where we live in Oregon. I wondered if he had passed by our town on his way to Sisters. I, too, am a demonstrator and always enjoy your videos and 'shares' and stories.

Thanks to Rick for what he does every year....it's a wonderful thing!!!


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