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June 21, 2016


What an awesome idea wow, I need to buy two of those frames one for home and one for the cottage. I think it would be perfect for putting a magnetic pad on it to hold dies, I misplace those more than stamps Not sure I have enough room on my table for both but I will make it. Thanks for all the great tutorials you make.

I LOVE this idea. Do you think you could use this for photopolymer stamps too!

Love it! Thanks so Mich for showing us. Think I even have a small acrylic frame sitting around; diggit it out now! I don't pack away and they do end up everywhere, especially the Alphabet Labeler set; now they'll have a temporary home. Thanks again Sarah

Dawn this is a fabulous tip! Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs

Great idea, Dawn! thanks!

Dawn this is one brilliant idea!! I'm ALWAYS loosing my stamps on my paper covered table. So glad you shared this with us!! Thank you :)

They have acrylic frames at the Dollar store or Walmart for a $1 or less that work great when you turned them upside down!

Oh wow! You husband is a genius! He should make and sell these! I'd be the first to buy! I love the size of the one he made! I've had the small acrylic version you can find at Walmart but I used for a picture frame and I always break them, so I'm sure I'd do the same using it as a stamp holder. I'm so jealous of you having a hubby who can make you one ;) I have health issues and taking stamps back and forth to the containers or plastic storage sheets can be difficult when switching between a block so I'm notorious for setting it down on my table and then losing it, lol! I've found them on the floor, they've fallen in the trash basket, and have stuck to other stamp holders, lo! So this is just a magnificent idea! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!


A great idea. I know what you mean about loosing them. I never move from my chair and I

lose them. Look for a long time. Wonder how this happens. I love this idea. I already have the

frame. Thanks for all you do for us.

Awesome tip!! Thanks for sharing!

Great idea! My Sister, Cathy, had another idea...attach an adhesive backed magnet sheet to an acrylic frame for those small dies while you are using them.

Great idea, thanks!

I love this tip! I have lost so many stamps because I am not an organized stamper! Def going to try this out! On another note..I was getting my nails done when I heard a motorcycle revving noise and found out it was this other gals phone ring! I immediately thought of you!

Wow! How could something so simple be so mind-blowing!!! WHY in the WORLD have I never thought of doing something like this? I have acrylic frames available from old projects, too! Yay!

I don't put my stamps away until I am totally done and I can clean them in the sink. I am forever digging around on my desk looking for one or another! Thanks for sharing this with us!

What a clever idea, I am definitely going to use it. Thanks.

Great tip. After losing a stamp a while back I've been placing the stamp I've used on the package it came from. Now I not only know it's safe, but I know where it belongs.

Well, that is such an awesome tip! I think it will work especially well with the photopolymer stamps as they stick to everything and are clear and easier to misplace! You (and your husband)are so stinkin' smart! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love, love, love your ideas and videos!!! You are my fav....Thanks for all you do and share with us. Wish I lived near you...lol

What a great idea,I get so frustrated with myself when I can't find a stamp I have put on my table, its mainly the clear stamps I am always loosing. Thanks so much for you helpful hints. I'm going to adopt that idea

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