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April 15, 2016


I know you will do just great on your presentation - so excited to see your creations when you can share them - just be your fabulous self and share what you love!

I know you'll do a wonderful job.....can't wait to see YOUR stamp set!!

I know you were great! I am so excited because this year is the first year my demo is there!!! :) Have fun!

ohhhh, I hope you read this before you leave. When you arrive at the convention, take a moment and read this and then sneak off to the rest room and stand like Superman for two mins. God's Blessings, Dawn. You should have told us the time, then we could have all shot a prayer heavenward at the same time. LOL

I forgot to paste the address of what I wanted you to read.


Please read it, it only takes a moment. There's longer articles and videos out there, this one's short and sweet.

Best of luck, Dawn! You've had plenty of practice presenting with your videos. Just think of it as the same thing. Look at the people and be proud to show off your work, and you'll be great!


Hi Dawn I will be praying for you today! I know you will be great on stage on the 16th.
can't wait to see your stamp set.

Your presentation was wonderful....you did great!! It was so nice to meet you at Linda's dinner on Saturday. Thanks again for all your great project ideas...I look forward to your fun videos.

I was at our convention here in the UK and we were watching US Convention on video - I was waiting for you to come on and was so disappointed when you didn't :( I'll catch it on youtube hopefully.

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