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February 18, 2016


Wow! This is an absolutely perfect "get well" pack! Love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

Great card, especially for this time of year when everyone seems to have the sniffles. Thanks Dawn. I was looking for your Feb. Thank you cards video but could not find it.

Perfect timing, my friend is coming home from the hospital today. She'll be receiving one of these. Thank you for another marvelous idea.

So love all your cards this week, you are just amazing , I will be busy this weekend making the get well kit. I even thought of changing it up with a pretty tea cup on the front of it. With the Botanicals flowers around it. Love love ! Have a awesome weekend and I will be watching!! Oh next week I will join your Glitter Queen Club!! I'm still picking out what I want to have in my starter kit! Woo Hoo !,

I love this. thank You for sharing with us.

The only problem I have with this awesome project is that now I want someone to get sick so I can make it for them!!! :)

I love this idea and have made several already, however this may sound silly; I can't find anywhere halls caugh drops that come in a stick! I am so bummed out but I am also laughing about it. I had no idea it would be this difficult. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen halls in a stick in for ever. I am on a mission now.

Margaret, I could only find mine at 7-Eleven here in my area. I have been told that Circle K has them too which is like our 7-Eleven . I could only find bags of them not the individual packs until I went to 7-eleven .
Hope this helps .
Dawn Griffith

Dawn. Love this card, but where did you find the halls in the 9 pack. I have search all of the stores in my area and they only sell the small individual halls in the zip lock pouch.

guess I should have read the comments. I'll try 7 eleven and circle K. Thanks

Dawn, thanks so much!!! I am on a hunt now. I'll be popping my head into each 7-11 until I find my HALLs on a STICK! :)

Oh, I love this! But like someone already posted above...now I need one of my friends to get sick so I can give it to them...I am so bad! But very cute and I will try to make some ahead of time just leave out the items til needed. But love! love!! love!!!

Such a great project! Kevin said to say hi to Rich :) And hope you guys are doing well.

What a great idea, Love it! Now someone have to get sick soon ;-)

I found lots of the cough drops at Winco in Southern California. So excited to make these.

Great project for class!!! Thanks for sharing.

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