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January 15, 2016


Dawn I'm so sorry to hear about your ring. I know what it's like the to lose something you love.

Dawn, I too am so sorry to read about your ring. Did you check in all of the bags? Did you double check in your car? Of course, you have done all of that. I so hope that it turns up somewhere. Hugs.


Oh that is SOOOO sad!!! I know lots of times people post stuff like that on facebook so that might be worth a shot!! There are good honest people in the world and you might just get lucky!! I can only imagine how devastated you feel!! Hope it turns up!! Praying that it will.

Hello Dawn
I hope your ring turns up from an honest person handing it in, I have lost a braclet that was made out of an old fob watch gold chain and was devastated myself. Thinking of you.

You must be so upset. I know what it's like when you lose something. You can't think of anything else. Just keep going over your steps that day and try to remember the last time you saw it. How did it fall off your finger anyway?

Oh No!! Hopefully it turns up in your house somewhere. Praying to St Anthony for you.

PRAYER DAWN! Have you prayed???? I'll be praying with you!!! ;)

I also feel your pain as I lost my wedding ring.... so sorry t ohear that...

So sorry! Sending you good thoughts!

What gorgeous cards. I love the spring feel of the die cut cards. I'm sorry about your loss. I had a ring stolen from my girlfriend with whom I rented from. She came in as she pleased and I guess I left my diamond ring on the kitchen ledge to do dishes and whalaa it was gone. I thought maybe I misplaced it but she had the nerve to wear it in front of my three times. She stopped wearing it when I sent a letter to her, being all polite, asking if perhaps it went into the garbage disposal and could she check (as I had moved out). She stole several other things from me too. This happened two years ago and I'm still not over it. Hopefully you can find some peace.

OMG, Dawn I feel so bad that you lost your ring. Hopefully there is an honest person out there somewhere that will turn it in. Hugs.

I so hope you find your ring. We had a friend who was wearing gloves and the ring slipped off IN the glove and got caught in the lining. I think the other suggestions I had fit the other ones above - if you stuck your hand in your purse or your coat pocket.

Yes, there are honest people out there -- hopefully they will notify the police or the store manager.

so sorry!

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