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January 17, 2016


I am so sad for you! I will pray to St. Anthony that you find your ring. two quick stories -- my mother was helping me with Thanksgiving dishes one year and noticed her Mother's Ring had wasn't on her finger. We had gone for a walk and thought maybe it had slipped off her finger. We retraced our steps, to no avail. We searched my house - nothing. Went through everything we could think of. My mom was devastated - just like you are. I prayed to St. Anthony and found her ring in the bottom of a coffee cup in the sink. We had looked there three times.

I lost an anniversary band my husband gave me for our first anniversary. Again - same thing - I searched everywhere! But another miracle -- I found it a year later in the bottom of my jewelry cleaner. I will pray you have the same outcome.

I am sorry that you lost your ring that was so dear to you. Since you said it may have happened when you took your gloves off, I wanted to suggest that you look down in the fingers of that glove, just in case you have not already done that. This may not help much, but at least you have pictures and video of that ring. Perhaps you could take one of the good photos and enlarge it and frame it (or scrapbook it, along with your feelings). This may help you, if not now, then later on in the future. (Been there!) God Bless, Tina from Ok.

Dawn, I am so sorry about the loss of your rings. Pray to St.Anthony. It really does work. A while ago I thought I lost a key to a safety deposit box. Kept looking and praying to St. Anthony. I looked everywhere. After a week I happened to open my jewelry box, where I looked several times, and there was the key. Go figure! I will pray that you find them.

HI Dawn,
Losing a valuable piece of jewelry is sad. Hope you find it.
Look in your purse, coat pockets, grocery bags, if you haven't done so already. may be with your Christmas stuff since you took down your tree.
Don't give up looking for it.

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