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January 24, 2016


Hi Dawn,
WOW!! Larry did an awesome job. I really like how it looks 3 D. The trees are are amazing. Actually it's all amazing. Love it. Thanks for showing the mural.
Have a great day.


Dawn your staircase looks amazing so happy for you. I hope your feeling better I love all of your videos. Great Job!

Dawn! Your stairway is amazing and the red Hibiscus is awesome! Just the perfect bit of colour. Now you can never ever sell your house! It's beautiful!


OMG! That is one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. He is one awesome painter. I can't get over all of the wonderful details in it! You are very blessed! TFS!

AWESOME! I love everything Larry did. In fact, when your hall light is on, the light reflects and looks just like sunlight hitting the water. Beautiful!

That mural is one of the most lovely works of art I have ever seen. Larry is truly an artist of the highest degree. I enjoy your how-to videos so very much. You too are an artist of high degree. Thanks for sharing. I have learned so much from you.

Your mural is wonderful, but what caught my eye was on your left hand. Did You Find Your Wedding Rings? It nearly brought me to tears when I read about them in your post. I too, had a similar experience. I cried way too much over something so material, but they meant so much to me. I knew that I had to trust God that he would either help us find them or provide for a new set.

Love your wall mural - beautiful! What a great reminder of one of your favorite places! Larry is an amazing artist - I bet his black & white tattoos are awesome!
Thanks for letting the rest of us see it!

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