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September 06, 2015


Dawn....Get the fixate cook book.....it has some great recipes....I work at a hospital and we have been on it over 6 months....i love my shakeology....have some physical problems so I have a difficult time with the exercises but I try.....enjoy and the teams are the best....God Bless and enjoy!!

Cindy in Florida

So glad you are feeling better after your injection. It is amazing how when you change your mind set of how much you weigh and focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit it really chages your attitude. I have been trying for months to loose weight. I hated getting on the scale. When I switched my focus to how I felt and not what I weighed that was totally more motivating than anything. I love your videos and love the quick tips that you have added. So helpful. Thank you for all you do to inspire us.

Love your blog, Dawn! I am very glad to see the videos will be posted here. I like the tips in yellow, too.
You are an awesome videographer and tutorialist!
Sharon Jones
aka Sunshine

Congrats on starting the 21 Day Fix!! I am also a beachbody coach and long time follower of yours, and that is my favorite program hands down! It's what got me into coaching as well!! I loved the quick tip video on the new glue pen. I've been toying with getting it, but it's low on the totem pole ;)

You'll do great!!

Thanks for all of your great videos. I swear you taught me how to stamp!

Jayme in AK

Just a word of encouragement on 21 day fix. I'm 48, have an under active thyroid, and have battled my weight my whole life. I started 21 day fix in February and am down 40 pounds. This is the only plan that has ever worked this well for me. It has changed my life.

When and for what do you use the hostess code that you have listed above? I plan on placing an order and was wondering if I'm supposed to use it.

Dixie, Only use the hostess code for your order/s under $150.00 ( before S&H and tax)
I will send you a small gift in the mail when you use the hostess code .
YOU will not use the hostess code when you order reaches $150.00 or more ( before S&H and tax) since
You will get your very own Stamping Rewards
(FREE dollars to spend)
Hope this makes sense .
I can also open a hostess code for you to use for your own orders and you will be your own hostess .
The hostess code can ONLY stay active for 30 days if this is something you would like to do let me know .
ALL your orders you place no matter the amount for the month will count towards YOU being the hostess it’s kind of like placing a $150.00 order or more depending how much you order for the month and you get the stampin rewards for all your orders . YOU are the hostess with your own Hostess code # that you use when placing your orders . If you would like your own Hostess code I can open one for you .
Just let me know .

Congrats on starting the 21 day fix! Glad you have a wonderful support system right at home! I can't wait to start up with the workout videos after my two month road trip.
I for one would like to see all your tips together!
Thank you for encouraging my stamp and ink addiction through your wonderful videos and card examples.

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