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May 31, 2015


Congratulations on your YouTube subscribers. I am happy to say I am one of the 50,000. I LOVE watching your videos. You are a great inspiration. Thank you for all you do!

Congrats on 50,000 and pool opening! I live in Florida and we have enjoyed the pool many times already!

Just love your You Tube videos!! Congratulations on reaching 50,000 subscribers. What an accomplishment! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy:)

Congratulations, Dawn, on reaching 500 subscribers on You Tube. I follow you on blogger and enjoy being inspired by your creations. Thanks for the offer of blog candy! you can reach me at mflayer at comcast dot net.
:) Marie

Love your blog and Sunday sharings....keep it going....card ideas are great....

Congrats Dawn!!! That is awesome. I'm so happy for you.

Love your ideas and your videos! Look forward to them every day!

Enjoy the pool Dawn! I cased one of your cards last night and loved it! Can't wait to order from the new catty!!

Congrats! Love your videos -- thanks for sharing your love of paper (and purple)!

welcome home ........and finally summer has come to us who live in the north! Pool time! Thanks for all the sharing you do Dawn.

YAY! to your pool being "open" and congrats on your you tube success! Love your videos! Thanks for sharing awesome projects. And double YAY! for blog candy! Lia [email protected]

You're such an inspiration ... thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas !!!

Congrats on 50000followers and on opening your pool. I love your videos and always learn something new. thanks

Congratulations you your youtube subscriptions! Here's wishing you 50,000 more

I begin my day with your blog. Congrats on reaching 50,000 subscribers.

Congrats on the 50,000 subscribers! As one I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for the blog candy opportunity.
Robin Hardy ([email protected])

Your pool looks nice, too cold where we live to think about a pool party. thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

WOW! That is a big number you hit. Thanks for the chance at blog candy. Enjoy the pool.

Congrats on your 50,000 subscribers! I usually check daily to see if you have posted anything
new. I love your site you have great projects and great videos. Thanks for sharing with all of

Thanks for opportunity to win blog candy! I love your sight!!! I watch all the videos!

Congratulations on your 50,000 subscribers! Just an indication of how folks love your videos and appreciate your tutorials, tips and tricks! You instruct so clearly that I always believe that I can make the project. Your wonderful sense of humor and down to earth attitude makes everyone feel like we'd all be friends if you were teaching live. Thanks so much and looking forward to blog candy for your 100,000th!

Congrats Dawn!!!

Congrats on 50,000 subscribers! That is one great accomplishment! Love your blog and videos. I learn a lot from you. Thanks for sharing your time, talents, and imagination with us.
[email protected]

Congrats on surpassing 50,000 subscribers!! That wonderful! I love being a part of the enormous number of your followers! Oh yeah nd I love "Candy"! Here's to the next 50,000!!!!
[email protected]

Congratulations on 50K!

Congratulations on 50,000 subscribers!!!
[email protected]

50,000---congratulations! Although I'm not too surprised. What I don't understand is why everyone doesn't subscribe to your channel; it's inspiring and informative and ALWAYS fun! Thanks for the chance to win some excellent blog candy.

Oh Dawn! This is wonderful and I know why you're so popular!! You're a great instructor with great ideas!!

Love your YouTube channel and your Blog....I have made several cards using your ideas. Thanks for a chance to win.

Hello Dawn! I enjoy visiting your blog all the time. Your videos are the best for us visual learners. thank you for sharing with all of us.
stamping sue

Blog candy! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for charing!

Best Regards

[email protected]

Congrats Dawn on the 50k+ YouTube followers!!! And I love your stamp room!!! It's beautiful!!! Nancy P

Wow way to go! can't wait to open our pool you're right just says start summer! thanks for all your wonderful ideas, blog and youtube channel! thanks for chance to win!!
Alyse d

Congratulations... 50.000 people... What an amount!
I'm from the Netherlands and i'm so exited of all your beautiful
Creations. I hope to vieuw a lot more coming😊
Bye bye... See you later👍
Margriet Siekman

Your artistic ability clearly surpasses the rest. Thanks for making complex projects simple. Thanks for sharing your gift.

Congratulations Dawn! Just love your videos and card ideas. Thank you for all your hard work.

As a fairly new demo, I find myself watching and reading your tutorials and learning so much from your tips and tricks! I appreciate the time you take to put it out there for everyone else to learn from. You're an inspiration! Congratulations and thank you for giving me the chance to win some 'candy'!

Congratulations Dawn, you are a wonderful start to everyday, hearing your news and loving your wonderful tutorials!! Thanks so much for your awesome sharing!!!

Congratulations! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

Congratulations Dawn! I love your videos on youtube and have watched them for years. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the making of these videos and wish you all the best in the future.

Congrats on your 50k subscribers!! Love your tutorials! ....Gina F
[email protected]

Congrats!!! I love your YouTube videos!! Thanks for the chance to win. Love the Stampin Up stamps.

Dawn, I have been watching your videos and didn't know about subscribing. I just did! Congrats and thanks for all your wonderful ideas and uplifting videos.

Congrats on 50,000. I am one of your newbies and am looking forward to seeing what you have to share. Thanks

Congratulations! I made my first Stampin' Up purchase 6 months ago, and your blog and YouTube channel quickly became the first I check for new designs to CASE. ;) Thanks for so generously sharing your ideas!

Congratulations on 50,000 subscribers. That's incredible but I can see why - you are a natural teacher. Your videos are very easy to follow along with. You are a real inspiration and you make it all so fun! Thanks.

Love your videos - Thanks for all your hard work!

Congratulations and we'll deserved! Your videos not only inspire, they bring a ray of sunshine. Thank you

I am happy to say I am one of the 50,000 followers on your YouTube channel! I love your video's - very inspiring. Congrats - and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy. Should you randomly pick me, my email is [email protected]!

Congrats on your YouTube Channel! You have wonderful ideas and I look forward to seeing the posts! Thank you.

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