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October 05, 2014


Hi Dawn . . Congratulations on a well deserved milestone! I enjoy your ideas daily and am happy to hear your coming along very well from your surgery. Wishing you continued success! All the best . . Diane

Again congratulations for reaching this milestone. Your blog was the first one I found after discovering Stampin' Up! In 2007. I so love your video's. And now I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator too.
Have a lut of fun when you go to Utah. I hope they will make a video, it will most certainly make me tear up.

Oh my! I guess I hadn't read enough of others posts to realize you had made it! My most heartfelt congratulations. You know, it really is humbling to know how much others think of you, but you should feel proud that you bring so much joy to others every day. I follow your blog every single day, as I am sure others do, and somedays when things in others lives may not be going so well, it is nice to know that you are able to bring a small amount of joy to another person's day. With that in mind, let me add my sincerest congratulations, and tell you that there are many of us who truly appreciate your generosity every single day. Keep up the terrific daily inspiration!

Congratulations Dawn! What a lifetime achievement for you! You post, you blog, make videos and YOU INSPIRE! Keep rockin' girl!

Congratulations Dawn!!! WOW- You are amazing!!! Hugs!

Dawn, Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! I love your blog, your videos and that you share all this with us. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you!

Congratulations, Dawn!

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished. Although we have never "met" I know you are truly a WONDERFUL person. Even though I do not leave a comment often, I absolutely LOVE your blog and read it daily. I remember years ago when I first subscribed to your blog - I had a question about something and e-mailed you AND you actually responded, personally. I thought - WOW! I was amazed and felt honored. Your projects are inspiring, your videos are extremely helpful and enjoyable and your talent is remarkable. Your comment on why you do not charge for videos or tutorials is a true reflection of your generosity and unselfishness - AND soooo appreciated by all of us! There is nothing more frustrating than to find a card or project you'd like to CASE only to discover the instructions are only available for pay. I look forward to your Sunday Shares - always an incentive to start the week off on a positive note! I want to thank you for all of the inspiration you have given us over all of these years. I am happy to hear your recovery is going so well and wish you much continued success and happiness in all that you do. Thank you!


Congratulations Dawn! So wonderful! It is great to hear that you are doing well and I send good wishes that you continue improving with each and every day! Wishing you a happy Sunday!


Barbara Diane

CONGRATULATIONS DAWN! You are the best! 1 million Stampin UP orders is fabulous. You reached this milestone because of the sweet, generous,inspirational person you are. Thanks so much for all you do for your customers. You are a Blessing and I love, love your Sunday Share.
Linda Burton

I really appreciate the time you dedicate to your videos and interactions with your customers. This is quite an accomplishment, one you can be proud of, and I don't think that is ego-inflating. You aren't a boastful person so enjoy this any way you see fit. Jumping for joy might not be the answer just yet though. ;)
Is there an award for 2 Million in sales? I placed an order last night that should go to your next level. Regardless, you are Queen of Stampin Up to many us. No wonder you like purple....it is a regal color!

Congratulations! I check your blog everyday and there is always something fun and new. Happy to hear that your recovery from surgery is going so well.Looking forward to your next video.

Congratulations! I have followed your blog for many years and love it.

CONGRATULATIONS Dawn!!! You are truly a blessing and I enjoy your blog and videos so much. You deserve this and so much more. Enjoy your trip to the SU office at the end of the month and I pray that you continue to recover from your surgery.

WOW! That is some achievement. As a blog follower and a customer, I can say you deserve all the praise that you get.You are soooo good at what you do. I love having coffee with you each morning. Thanks for all the inspiration. We all love you.

Congratulations Dawn!! WOW what a great achievement and than you called the person that made it happen how nice of you. That is why you are so popular--not only do you receive but you give back so much. Thanks.

CONGRATS Dawn!!! I have been a loyal lover of your blog from the start. You are the best of what a demo should be. I love that you share some of your personal stuff with us.......but your stamping ideas are what I love most. Thank you for sharing your talents.
take care and hope your hip is healing quick, so you can get back to doing what you do BEST! Create!
hugs to you

Congratulations Dawn! OMG I am so excited for you!!! I have watched ALL of your videos and it gives me such inspiration. Your videos r so easy to listen to and I feel as if your are talking directly to me! GOD has given you such a blessing and you have passed those on to all of us. At convention when u got in line behind me, I felt like I was in line with royalty!! You were so nice and when everyone kept coming up to you to get their picture taken with you, your smile never faded....you were just excited as we where! You truly r a blessing! Have a speedy recovery and I can't wait to c the Million Dollar Video!

Harriet Elizondo

congratulations Dawn. what a milestone!I am sure it is a wonderful feeling,card making is such a great way to express creativity and meet new friends( even if it only on line. I enjoy your wonderful blogs and videos and have learned many fun ideas. Have a great time on your weekend away.

Just want to add my congratulations. Thanks for all you do to share your love of stamping.

Congratulation, Dawn!! You are so inspirational and you soooo deserver this award
Peg Ireland in SD

Congrats Dawn, that is amazing. Love your blog and videos so much

So happy for you on your Million and that your hip is healing. I too check your blog daily and am so appreciative of your sharing of ideas. Know you and hubby will have a blast at your $1 Million SU party.

Sending a VERY BIG congratulations to you for a well -deserved accomplishment! You must be ecstatic with reaching that milestone. Enjoy your visit to SU with hubby. I will be watching for updates!!!!

Hi Dawn,

I'm excited for your success with Stampin' Up! because it encourages me that maybe the same could happen for me. I have struggled to find a niche within SU! especially since the the market is saturated with stamping blogs and everyone seems to have everything "covered" creatively. I have also struggled to figure out when to charge. But I have to say, more than any other source, you and others who provide free videos have taught me almost everything I know about stamping. You have given me the love of a fun & useful hobby and the possibility that I can earn a living from it. As you pointed out in your post, we cannot be all things to all people--we all have limitations. So like you, I just need to "do me." That means I only need to do what I can and what I like. I have been too concerned with the money. Those that love the projects will order. And if I never earn money, so what, I am fortunate to have a job right now. Thank you for sharing with me...I too would like to share with others, and if for nothing else, for simply the love of the craft.

Congratulations Dawn! Your blog and videos are so inspiration and uplifting. I check your blog daily and it's so nice that unlike some other bloggers you share your personal health issues and life as if you're talking to a friend and not complaining about every ache and pain. Your positive attitude makes your blog so enjoyable. So glad your recovery is going so well. Enjoy your trip, you and hubby deserve it!!

Congratulations Dawn on your big achievement.
I´m an SU! demo from Germany absolutely loving your blog and especially your videos.
Hubby always asks: anything new from the "hi stampers" lady because he loves the way you greet at the beginning of your videos.

I write to you because I am so overwhelmed by the wonderful words and the thoughts you found for keeping your videos free, sharing your love and passion and I surely feel it and enjoy it so much.

You are such an inspiration, I can´t thank you enough for sharing the spirit of SU! and bringing the words and pictures to the world.

Thank you so very very much.

Enjoy your trip, I can´t wait to see the video of that and I´m sure you will make one ;-)

Congratulations Dawn! You Rock! Susan Kauber

Congratulations on your achievement!! I enjoy all of your creativity and look forward to your new posts every day. You are an inspiration. Enjoy your trip and every moment of your celebration.

So excited to read that you have reached the One Million Dollar Career Sales mark. How wonderful for you.
Nellyne Heath

WOO HOO!!! Congratulations!!!!

So grateful for all of your of your wonderful creations and your upbeat tone of your blog. I too suffer with arthritis (3 different types!) so it's wonderful to find someone who shares but doesn't dwell on the pain but instead on your blessings. So thank you being more than just stamping inspiration. :)

Sending healing blessings to you.

You are one amazing lady! Big congrats on that wonderful milestone - you will have a fabulous trip to the home office I am sure! So glad your recovery is going well! xoxox

Hi Dawn, I have already congratulated you but I just wanted to tell you how useful your blog is away from the world of stamping. I am a primary school teacher in Melbourne Australia and recently was teaching my students about instructional/procedural writing. We'd discussed the different reasons for this type of text but I wanted them to see that there were different ways this type of text could be presented. So I shared with them that I am a visual learner so being able to see as well as read instructions was really helpful. So to your blog we went!! I had only planned on watching part of one of your videos so they could see the instructions and hear them as well, but once they got into it they all chorused "no" when I went to pause it...."we want to see what she makes". So, one again well done and many, many thanks for sharing your gift. Enjoy your rewards and special celebrations....you may not blow your own trumpet but neither do you hide under a bushel the gift you have been given.

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