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September 21, 2014


Hi Jessie, Thanks for the update. Sounds like your mum is well cared for and on her way to get well completely.
Hugs from The Netharlands.

Thank you for the update Jessie. I hope your hip Mom follows the doctors orders and continues to heal quickly!

Glad she is doing so well.

Thanks for the updates. Soooooo glad to hear she is doing well. Miss her inspiration and hope she's back enjoying her craft space in no time.

Thanks for the update on Hip mom Jessie. Glad to hear all is going very well.
hugs to all

So happy to see this update. Dawn YOU look great and I see your hands work fine - stamping ahead:) We are all so relieved your surgery went well and you are in the recovery mode.

You are such a wonderful, caring, sharing person and I look forward to your creative mind filling us with inspiration.

Dawn, you look fantastic! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Isn't it amazing how quickly they get you up and moving?!


I am so happy to read that all went well and you are safely back home and recovering in record time! I keep you in my prayers every day! Thank you hip daughter for the posting of this update! Wishing you a happy Sunday!


Barbara Diane

Wow! Great update and a fab photo of the two of you!

I am a recent follower of this blog and your videos, and also a new customer. I am impressed with both media entries ( and FB too) but even more pleased by the quick response to email questions and the thank you notes sent with orders.

Some people love their craft but not the business end of things. Some love being in sales and promote products but rarely make anything. You obviously love both which is great for all of your fans. Continued healing wishes to you and thanks for all that you share.

Yay Dawn! Glad you are up and about. I love the selfie of you and Jessie.

Ter ;)

selfie, one of the nicest pictures of you ever. So glad you are "on schedule" and trust me, after two or three weeks, you will feel wonderful. Just being home is so good and sleeping in your own bed. Hugs to you.

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Jessie. Mom looks great, and I'm so glad she's so quickly on the mend. Onward and upward!

Thank you so much for the update. I've been wondering how she's been doing. Great to hear all is going well!

Jenny W

Jessie, this is for you.

You are a wonderful daughter! This is such a fine example of family and relationships. Dawn, with this kind of attendance, u r going to do well!

Loved the hip update! Continuing to pray for speedy healing

Wow, Dawn (I mean, Bionic Woman!) - you look fantastic! Hope you're not in too much pain, and so glad Jessie's there to help you recover. Sending hugs and prayers for quick healing!!

Your mom is amazing! Prayers and good vibes. All the goodness of God is on her side.

So glad to see you up, Dawn! Thanks, Jess, for the update and love y'all's selfies!
Hugs to you,
Sharon from Louisiana

Thank you for the update….been wondering how all was going! So glad to hear you are on the mend.

I'm so glad everything went so well and you're recuperating so quickly. You remain in my prayers.

Sorry Jessie, I MUST have a weak stomach! LOL I can't see surgical things like that! BLAH! :P I'm glad you are doing well Dawn! Take it easy & get well soon! What a whirlwind of a trip to the hospital! In & OUT! LOL I thought the same thing when I came home after my C-sections...the ride home was awful! Thank goodness for your hubby & Jessie watching out for you! Many blessings & prayers dear lady!!!! :D

Awesome update, Hip daughter! thanks for letting us know our favorite stamper is well and up and about.

So glad everything went well. You look great. Good job on the update Jessie.

THANKS, Jessie, for the update. And so glad to hear all is going well. Your mom is one determined lady. All of you take care.

I hope your hip Mom follows the doctors orders and continues to heal quickly

Praying for a speedy recovery!

Thanks for the update. Great selfie! Feel better Dawn! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Such wonderful news to hear the recuperation is going well! You go hip Dawn!

Hi Dawn:
You are so amazing. Not surprised about how well you are doing. Thats the kind of person you are. You let nothing stand in your way even a new hip. Take care and keep up with the exercises. Nice update from your sweet daughter.
Looking forward to your return to stamping.

Thanks for the great update, Jessie. Wishing Dawn a quick and complete recovery!!

Thanks so much for the updates Jess. So glad everything went well and she's doing great. That's awesome news.

Thanks for the update. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were. Glad you are doing so well. Keep following Doctor's orders so you can start stamping again soon!!!
Thanks Jesse. Oh I am one of your customers by the way.

Thank you Jess! The pics of Bionic Mom are so nice. I love to follow how she is doing. She's just so incredible.

I guess she'll have to wait awhile before she goes dancing. Maybe someone will bring up some supplies for her so she can do some stamping. :)

Thanks again and look forward to hearing more about her journey...
God's blessings to your all.

Jessie, thank you for your post about your mom. I had been wondering how the surgery went. I'm happy she is doing so well. I check her blog often to see what projects she has created and to get inspiration.

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