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June 22, 2014


Will be praying for you....

Prayers and healing energy being sent your way...and hips do rehab MUCH quicker!!! Had mine done in Feb 2012...six weeks later flew from Denver to LA to get on a ship for a 2 week cruise to Hawaii!!! took my cane, but didn't need it!!! You'll do great!

Your awesome attitude will have you flying right through this next surgery. Have fun in the meantime in your glorious new "retreat". Blessings from Arizona :)

Sorry to hear you are having to have another surgery but as we age we wear out...or so my doctor keeps telling me when I resist!! Love the new craft room. I have been following you for about 5 years but never commented before. Thanks for sharing all that you have. Vickie

Just a little positive for you and I am not saying anything about your DR.

I am 80 and this is not about me. A class mate of mine had hip surg and was driving in 3 weeks. Hope you are also, but listen to your DR. Just something on the brighter side. Keeping you in my PRAYERS. You are a very positive person
and we all LOVE what you do for us. Dee

I'll be praying for you Dawn! It is funny how the body needs ALL it's parts to work properly! You will look GREAT with your cane! :) AND I LOVE your "Studio!" :D

Try not to worry about the hip surgery - my hubby had his replaced in Dec. at age 65 and never took even a tylenol after leaving hospital the second day after surgery and was back at work in ten days (he's a dairy farmer). He flew through the therapy and hasn't had any difficulty with it. You will ,too!

Your positive attitude will definitely help you with this new situation in your life. My thoughts and prayers will also be with you. Best of luck to you Dawn. I know you will be fine. Your new stamp room is fabulous.

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