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May 25, 2014


Your stamp room looks fabulous! I am doing one right now too. Could you share what you used for underthecounter lighting? I am currently looking at options - specifically LED tape lighting.

Ok, now that was a very entertaining video!! Who knew you could skin a watermellon!

I am SO doing this with the next watermelon I buy. There is less waste. Hubby did a good job! Thanks for posting Dawn

Dawn, would you mind sharing about your under cabinet lighting? I really need some and haven't been able to decide what will give me the right amount of light. We have a Lowe's here, but the person who works in lighting doesn't seem particularly knowledgeable about it! :(

Loved the watermelon video!

The video was great. I told my mom that we must try it with our next watermelon, there was really no mess. Your stamp room looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

So...was he using like the world's sharpest knife? What was that. Amazingly fast and efficient!

Loving the room updates and I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see the progress! I am so impressed with the skinning of a watermelon. What a cool video! So much less waste and mess!

Dawn, Your craft room is looking great. How did you paint the items from stamp n storage? I have a few items from them and am not sure what to use to paint them. Did you prime first? what brush did you use? Thank you for any info you can give me!! Always, Cindy in Florida

Oh my! What kind of knife is that? That was awesome!

Lucky you for getting a new studio. You work hard and deserve it!

WONDERFUL CRAFT CUPBOARDS! A dream of mine! :) AND what a FABULOUS JOB your hubby did with the watermelon! I saw some SNACKING going on too! LOL Who could resist? FABULOUS PICTURES! I LOVE summer! :)

from another mail lady yay!! I WISH everyone would get these bigger mailboxes!!

Thank you Hubby! I had to by a watermelon today and cut it this way! It worked! ;-)

Yum! Good Job,Big Daddy!

Loved the watermelon video - he made it look so easy. Must try this next time.

Looks like you have an AWESOME craft room in the making!

What a great technique to cut up a watermelon! Much more efficient than the way I grew up with.

Thanks to you both for sharing your talents!

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