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April 06, 2014


Feeling your pain - esp. in the hands! I went gluten-free about 9 months ago to help with my RA. Saw some improvement (and lost a LOT of weight). Lately, my nutritionist has recommended cutting out dairy (so much harder for me!). I've left a little bit of butter in (for my morning toast) and some yogurt for breakfast, but cutting out milk and cheese seems to be helping. Of course, all the pesticides going down on lawns this time of year always tends to bother my hands. Best to you, and I hope you get some relief soon!

Your Bean Cake looks YUMMY! Share the recipe? :D AND I LOVE the cupboards....!!! Can't wait to see them all done! And you don't look too happy with that on your head.:( I DO like the video you've shared! TOOO CUTE! :)

Dawn, love your room design and can hardly wait to see all the pictures. About your health... Could your possibly have Fibromyalgia? This in itself can cause all over pain. I have it and my hands have been hurting for several weeks now. Do you have any arthritis? Just trying to give you some medical questions to perhaps check into.

Love that video of Jumpy. So so cute. I'm A dog lover, wish mine were that talented! I enjoy all your cards and designs. We still have snow in our yard too! I live in SW Michigan. My mom stopped eating whole grains and has RA, also had surgery on one knee and she says she has no pain in her joints or knee any more. She is amazed. She is 80 years old and looks 60. So hang in there!!!

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