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March 23, 2014


I would call animal control to have the raccoon removed, it's not normal for them to be seen in the daylight, not safe!

Hi Dawn,
love Your videos.
A racoon looks cute but it is no pet at all. The dogs could stress that this is not HIS teritory at all! Don't let any food Outsider to attract this little fury one. He will manage to Climb into your waistbin .... Keep every food looked away as If it was a big bear! Let the dog p...(you know what I mean) into the Garden, to tell him "Go away! ".
Perhaps you have to call pest Controll ( do you fall it this in the US) to catch the racoon (not to kill him).
Take care!

That is an awesome video. Thank you for sharing.

My Hubby said the raccoons around here aren't even bothered by the ammonia, you have to go to a Tractor Supply & get a Box Trap, or Live Trap, & then haul him away! He IS CUTE though, but NOT something you want around. RABIES!!!! STAY SAFE!

I just got a video called "Yoga for Arthritis." After I remember to try it, I'll let you know how it goes.

Coons are basically nocturnal, so I don't think it is ill, since it's sleeping during the day. Call Animal Control and see if they have Have-A-Heart traps. Some places make you rent them. It's a live capture trap. You should be able to have them pick up the trap after Carl is in it.

But all places are different.

I always look forward to your Sunday shares. Thanks,so much

Mint Raccoons don't like mint

Awww Carl is so cute! Sam looks sweet.

Ter ;)

Do you still have Harriet's phone who had one as a pet for sometime? Maybe she can help. Anytime we've had raccoons, at our office property we call A & D Animal Control 248-693-7966 Al Krier out of Lake Orion. They will set live traps then haul the critter away and release them in the wild. You can tell him that I referred you and maybe he'll give you a price break.

I've got RA also, Dawn, and my hands swelled up so much last June that I had to have all of my rings cut off. It happened again in September and we still don't know what is causing it. We did find a med that reduced the swelling, but I'd rather know the cause.
Good luck & God bless!

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