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February 09, 2014


I like the collage. It's a great visual of the different aspects of a card that might get missed with only one picture. Thanks for going the extra mile! Love your ideas!


I like the collage of photos. If that format is easier for you, then go for it! Have a blessed day!

I like the collage look of the photos of your cards. keep up the good work/art!
stamping sue

I do like the photo collage pictures. Thank you for sharing all your cards and projects with us. I love your blog!

I think I like the individual pictures better only due to the fast you can see the beautiful cards much better. Maybe you could do both!

Yes, I like photo collages of the items you are presenting. It let's us see the various views of the project.

Enjoy your site and was so excited to find the Magic Card tutorial. How very sweet.
Thank you,

I LIKE the collage format of your photos Dawn!!! ;) It IS easier to have them all together for a quick look! :)

Love your hair - very cute, as are you!! And I like the new collage look. Just as long as you get good shots of the cards in there. After all those are the most important. Oh, and by the way, I made that cute magic card for my grandboys for a Valentine card. I just fell in love with it - hope they fall in love too. No pun intended...haha.

whatever is easier for you. I usually click on them to make them bigger. I like it when they get big. ( I'm getting old ) haha

I like the collage...good overall image thanks so much

I love everything that you do. Yes, I do like the pics. it give me more time to study the pics

YES, I like the Collage Photo Picture!
Would love to see more!

Love your little "Monster" picture...he's so cute!

OK Dawn
I love the new hair do and the color I think it perks you up..
Now I like the photo collages because they get larger and you can see more details..
I love the dog and he is getting sooo much bigger..He's going to be a big boy..for sure.

Hope this gives you some feed back

The collage is a great way to view the project from different aspects. Thank you for going to the trouble to create these.

Love the collage pics. You can see the different views at one time!

Dawn, I love the collage layouts, they show more of the detail. I like all the projects you do. Oh, and Sunday's video it made me cry so touching, I'm so glad I have my mum to share my life with. I love her dearly!!

Hi Dawn!
I one of those that needs the most help; I like both the collage and the photo x photo. Thanks for adding the video! BTW, your blog is my #1 go-to place. Thank you for all you do!!

I love the collage and always read your blog....may not comment but always enjoy.

I liked the collage very much, Dawn, it's a great visual affect and can show you different angles. So sometimes if you're not quite sure you get a different angle (and sometimes miss something you might not have seen with just one photo). Your videos are so much fun and easy to follow. Thank you for all you do!

Hi Dawn:
I like any photos of the cards you display. I usually enlarge them as well so I can see more details. I especially liked the magic card tutorial I just ordered the "square framelits" yesterday so will be making it soon. Love your hair also..

What you are doing makes it easier for us all. Thanks for the lovely projects. Keep them coming.

Dawn, just found your website after looking at a bunch of your slider card videos.

I love your collage style with the photos! You have several different views of the card. I love the close-ups.

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