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June 30, 2013


Good grief, your poor leg sure has taken a beating this year. I think we need to wrap you in bubble wrap for a bit so you can't get hurt for years to come. Thank God for no infection. You really lucked out on that.

I'm sure your hubby is having the time of his life on his ride. Good for him. I hope you are able to go see him at the finish.

Please don't be too hard on yourself for not understanding this was as serious as it was. If it didn't look that bad, you had no way of knowing. I'm all for giving ourselves a break, and not blaming us if we make a mistake. Just take care of yourself and follow up now.

Hoka Hey sounds like great fun, if hard on the back and leg muscles. If I rode it, I wouldn't be able to walk correctly for weeks. Good for him.

This is "Mother Hen RN" here and YES, you should have gone in and at least gotten steri-strips{butterflies} OUCH on your leg. Your RA meds must have some Prednisone in them or something of that nature. Watch your sun usage too. Meds can make you very syn-sensitive.
Keep up the great riding, Rich. Dawn, hopefully it works out that you can go. One of my new favorite songs is 'Lord, I Need You" by Matt Maher--http://youtu.be/LuvfMDhTyMA. Absolutely AMAZING.

Oh, Dawn, you poor girl! I sure hope that the Wound Center does right by you and pray you don't end up with celllitis on top of everything else. It's a blessing that you have ppl who know what they are doing. Heal soon!

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