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March 03, 2013


Mix crushed ice with alcohol and put in zip locks and freeze. Much softer on the owies and you won't have to buy to much ice. Just re-freeze them. Hope you keep mending.

Dawn, wishing you a quiok recovery. I shattered my tibia 2 yrs ago; was non weight bearing for 6 wks. came home in wheelchair then went to walker on 1 leg, had to learn how to walk again. feeling helpless was the hardest not being able to do the simplest of things. I hear ya on the scar tissue, its painful but keep at it. at least your enjoying stamping, while i went thru this i had no desire for any of my crafts (maybe type of depression) look forward to walking without a limp, showering on your own, sweeping and best of all driving!!!! when you can go where and when you want. continue to pray for you and your family.

WOW you are a fast healer! It must be all that sweetness and love you have inside working its way to your scar. Glad to hear that you are improving every day!

So happy you are recouperating well. Lots of get well thoughts and prayers have been sent your way. Continue to improve!

God Bless.... you're amazing.
Congrats on the degree of bending!

Don't you dare worry about filming videos for us. Just rest and get yourself WELL!! Although I completely understand that healing therapy that comes with stamping. :) I just don't want you to worry about us. We want you better first. {hugs}

Dawn I just have to tell you that my son had meniscus repair done at about the same time of your accident and he finds the knee cap thing you are talking about painful too! One of the things the doctor gave us after the surgery is called a Cryo/Cuff. It replaces the need to use an ice pack or bag of ice. If you think you are going to be using ice for a long time yet (which you probably will) then maybe you could look into getting one. Here is a link. http://www.airbracestore.com/aircast/cold-therapy/knee-cryo-cuff

Also, are you done with PT in three weeks? Kyler has, literally, a few more months of PT before he is going to be released and I don't think is issues (and it was just a town meniscus it was more than that) were as serious as yours. My email is ameslorie at gmail dot com if you want to chat. :)

Saying lots of prayers for you Dawn.I hope your knee recovery continues as well as it has been.

Mary in NH

SO HAPPY you're doing better Dawn! I STILL can't look at those photos! I TRY! I just can't stand it! :/ KEEP UP the good PT work!!!! :) PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!!! :)

Oh my goodness Dawn. I am so sorry this happened to you. I am back in college, and I haven't been keeping up to well. This is spring break, so I thought I would check in. I don't post much, but usually I am pretty good with keeping up - until this semester! Hope you feel better and keep improving. Prayers and good wishes and thoughts for you.

Dawn that 97 is really good considering that it's been such a short time..Continued success and you do heal well.


The water to alcohol mixture is 2 parts water to 1 part alcohol. My mom's PT gave it to us when she broke her hip. The mixture doesn't freeze all the way and that makes it nice to wrap around the area.

Just an FYI.

Glad to hear you are recovery nicely.

Dawn you are amazing!... I can't believe how good your whole leg looks after all you've been through... many blessings to you and sending tons of good healing wishes your way.

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