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March 10, 2013


Dawn, I'm smiling while I am reading your post. You are such an inspiration to others - thank you for sharing your experience! I think it would be easy to have a lllooonnnggg pity party in situations like yours but you are showing us the alternative of "pushing through" and it takes hard work to do that! I'm so happy for your accomplishments this week. Keep up the hard work and I hope I run into you at Convention!

Good morning, Dawn.

Thanks so much for your update. I can "feel" that you are getting better. I remember the first time that I drove after my heart valve surgery; I wasn't sure that I would get out of the garage, but then it did go well, like yours.

Your scar looks good and is fading, which is good also. Don't overdue things, it will be all well before you know it. You are an upbeat person and I love that in you.

Take special care,

SUPER SWEET VIDEO of the commercial!:)
AND OUCH!!!!!!!!! (Your photo of your leg.) I'll have to TRY that exercise!!!!!!!! SUCH PROGRESS you've made!!!!!!!!!!!! :)PROUD OF YOU DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

So glad to hear the fog is lifting and the leg is healing. You are on your way!
My husband had an accident with a musket last July 4th when he was doing a Revolutionary War reenactment. The bone in his in den finger was CRUMBLED. After a lot of OT they recommended an electric bone stimulator, 30 min for the last 2 1/2 months. They X-ray showed the bone has healed. The doctor was amazed. He got one covered mostly by insurance. It really helped the bone healing. Good luck with your journey to full health.

Dawn... You have been my inspiration when I've had a pity party, feeling low, etc. I had knee replacement and if I'm having an "o, woe with me day" and I just go to your web site. So, thank you for your inspiration and faith. (and humor). God Bless.

Also, congrats on the increased degree of bending!

Dawn, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I LOVE your website and videos. Ive really learned a lot from them. Also, people who havent been through the trama that you have do not like the leg lefts either. You are amazing to be doing so many with all the healing that you are doing. My trainer has me doing them and I can just barely do 3 sets of 20 and I have no injury or trama. keep up the good work and I cant wait to see more videos. Have a great spring break week from sunny AZ. Mindy

I just loved the video of the exercise and also the add with the little girl and dog. Gee it really touched my heart. And you are doing so amazingly well it's hard to believe.
Yes it's natural to get depressed when we have a life altering situation that interrupts Our usual routine. Just stay positive and keep doing your training. It's a positive for you and congrats on that 100 mark bend. You're doing really well. Take care and GB

Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Sounds like you are truly on the mend. Isn't it funny how the things that are the most odious and painful seem to help the most. I guess God's telling us we have to take the bad with the good. So be it!

Keep up the great work. My prayers are still with you.

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