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February 10, 2013


So sorry to hear of your accident. I'll be praying for a smooth recovery.

Oh you poor thing! Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.

So, I guess you will be now known as "The Bionic Stampin Up Woman!!! Sending love and Hugs!

Dawn, I can't image what you are going through with your leg. just take it easy and get well soon.
email me your address so I can send you a couple of cards while you are recovering.
stamping sue
my email: stamprsue@aol.com

What a terrible accident. It reminds us all that things can change in the blink of an eye. I am glad to hear you had such wonderful surgeons. We always love all your posts but remember your healing comes FIRST. Please be good to yourself, and follow all the doctors orders and work with your PT. Wishing you a full recovery.

Oh My God!!! Speedy recovery wishes to you Dawn. Will keep you in our thoughts and Prayers. Your posts are always inspiration to me so I will keep checking back. God Bless. Mary B.

Dear Dawn,

You are one of my heroes. Last week was a terrible week for me, but to see what you endured and still seem to put a positive edge to it makes you one of the strongest people I've encountered. If you did not post a project for a year, I'd still check your blog everyday. Please keep us updated on your condition and know that my prayers will be with you.

Yikes! Thankfully your hubby was with you when you fell and that you weren't alone. Wishing you a speedy recovery and quick healing. (((Hugs)))

OMG Dawn! Hope you are feeling better real soon! Take care and get lots of rest!
I check your site every day so I to knew something must have been up!

xoxox to you Dawn! You give a whole new meaning to "I just fell down!" Hope your recovery goes well - your wonderful outlook on life and your family will see you through!

Dawn I hope you have a speedy recovery! I will keep you in my prayers.

God bless you, darlin. Praying for a speedy recovery and thanking God he saved your leg. Take care.


Oh Dawn, this is such a serious injury! I am so sorry that you are going through this but so grateful that the surgeons were able to do their magic to help you! Please know that you are in my prayers! God Bless you girl - you are a brave one!


Barbara Diane

I knew something was wrong when you missed more than one post. So sorry to hear what has happened to you. It sounds like quite an ordeal and I wish you a speedy recovery! Don't worry about getting to your stamping room. We all know that your cards are worth waiting for!

Sending thoughts and prayers and all good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. You have such a loving support group at home, plus all your many 'fans' here on your blog. I knew something was wrong when 2 days went by without a post from you. I'm so thankful that it wasn't worse than it was. My first thought was something to do with the motorcycle. Glad I was wrong. We're all here for you and if you need anything, you only need to ask. Until you are up and going strong again, please know that literally hundreds of us are wishing you well. Hugs from the Texas Hill Country, Meems

You are such a trooper! Goodness, you have been through so much in such a short period of time! I knew something unexpected and serious had to be going on with you as you were not posting anything new on your blog. I have missed your enteries on your blog but so glad that you are home and on the mend!!! Prayers headed your way from your favorite blog viewer in Maine!

~Kelly Worcester

While we miss you, honey, the MOST important thing is that you do what you need to do to get that leg better! We will ALL be here for you when you have recovered and until then, you take care of YOU!!!!


OMG Dawn, all that from falling, poor thing. WOW, so glad you are on the road to recovery. Thoughts and prayers are with you. At least you have a wonderful husband and daughter to help you. Don't worry about posting on your blog, we understand, just get well and we will see you when you are back to the best health. :)

WOW WOW WOW, just saw that picture with all those staples. You poor darling. UGH. Once the staples come out, I'm sure you will feel relief. Just keep doing those exercises.

Thoughts and Prayers and a Speedy recovery to you that I am sending your way Dawn.

Oh Dawn!!! Wishing you a very speedy recovery <3

I can't imagine what you have been going through. It is amazing how the body breaks and heals. God bless all those that work in health care. It is a miracle that you weren't alone when you fell. Thank goodness that your husband could assess the situation so quickly. Kudos to him.

Hang in there, keep doing your exercises and you'll be doing more than a quick step shuffle in no time.

Dawn If I have to I will go without my daily fix of "Dawn's blog" as long as you get well and get to walking around pain and walker free. Do hope the recovery is not too long, thinking of you, love Marlene xox

Wow Dawn, looks like you really did some damage! I'm sorry this happened to you, I will pray for a full (and quick) recovery!Take it easy and rest up, Kelly, Australia xxx

Oh my gosh, what an ordeal! Hope your recovery is a speedy one. I know there are tons of us who would like to send you a card. If you would like to email me an address to send it too, I would be happy to make you one. (What a switch...let everyone else make the cards for once and send them to you!) If you would rather not, I totally understand and just send well wishes from Ontario, Canada!

Dawn, you are amazing! You have such a wonderful attitude and have been so upbeat through all of this (at least what we read!)I pray for your speedy recovery and hope to see you walk up those steps at convention in July.

Hi Dawn:

OUCH! I just saw your staples and it sent shivers up my spine... I'm sure you will be up and around soon to be able to ride that Harley with your sweetie pie. My prayers and thoughts are with you daily.

Maureen in Alberta, Canada

Thinking of you Dawn and wishing you a speedy recovery. We all miss you. Remembering you in my prayers. Love Jenny

Wow you definitely don't do things by Halves you know with all the pins and hinges I could make a Mini Album From you LOL.
I hope you Feel Better Take Care.
Hugs Mariana

oh dawn, you poor thing, that must have been so incredibly painful! so happy you weren't alone when you fell. sending lots of love and prayers your way for a speedy recovery. don't over-do it! hugs, jeannine xox

Sorry to hear about your accident.My blessings that you will have a quick recovery.


So sorry to hear of your accident, you are on my prayer list for a speedy recovery.....
hugs, Kathy

Of course we miss you! But you need to take time for healing. Sending you good vibes and prayer!

Oh my goodness!! Take care an will be praying for you!
Diana S.

Wow! Dawn, what a horrific ordeal! I'm so sorry you have had to endure so much this week and with such a long recovery ahead too. Thank goodness you have family especially your dear husband. May God bless you with a speedy recovery!

Sweet Dawn, such an awful fall! God was with you for sure, by letting your husband be there for you! God bless you and don't worry about posting. You just get well and we're all praying for you! You will not lose us as followers for sure, but we will keep checking in to see how you're doing. BIG hugs to you, sweetie! Thanks so much for sharing this with us so we can pray-we know where two or more are gathered, right?
Your favorite fan in Louisiana,
Sharon J. Jones

Oh Dawn! I'm so sorry. You are one hardcore amazing lady. I'm hoping your recovery is fast and uneventful.

I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible accident. God bless those wonderful doctors that took care of you!! Thank goodness your angels were watching over you and you are being to mend. Hugs and prayers!


What a horrible ordeal! I'm so glad you had great surgeons! I can't imagine how much pain you must be in trying to get around even if its only to the bathroom and kitchen! Take care of yourself! Don't worry about posting although know you will be tremendously missed while you recover!

Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery Dawn. Hugs and prayers, Julia (from CA)

Thanks for filling us in! Remarkable pictures! I enjoy your blog and especially your videos:) You are indeed lucky to still have your leg! Get well soon:)

Ouch!!! I pray that you make a full recovery from your accident. I am so sorry that you have had to undergo such a painful surgery and physical therapy. Take care.

What a terrible accident! Sending prayers and wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery. God Bless. ~ Lena ~

Oh Dawn, I am so sorry. Just a fall - and that result! You can be so glad that your husband has been with you. And the doctors seem to have done a really good job with your leg, but the staples got me shuddering. I hope it will not be too painful to get them out. Hopefully, they will give you quite a strong dosis of anesthesia and not just ice.
Do not even think about your craft room, concentrate on getting back in shape, that's the most important thing at the moment.
Take care and greeting from Scotland

OMG! Just you take care and recover well!!

How awful for you. Sending you hugs and keeping you in my prayers.

We have looked to you for our creative support and now you can depend on all your fans for our support. Take the time you need and heal. We will always be here for your creative inspiration!!!!

Dawn, hope that your leg heals quickly & that you can get back to what you love. I feel your pain as I'm in a similar situation. I had bi-lateral knee replacements on Jan. 23 and do not have access to my craft room until I can make it up the stairs. I follow your blog daily & was concerned when I didn't see twitter updates. Take care & get well soon.

Prayers for a quick recovery!

OK, so ewww, ewww and EWWWW! As soon as you mentioned a Trauma Doctor, I nearly passed out. You sure did it big time Dawn and I hope that everything heals in record time and you can get your life back again. Thinking of you and sending well wishes.

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