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February 06, 2013


Ouch! Was worried about you. Take care heal quickly!

Praying for your speedy recovery! God Bless.

So sorry to hear this, Dawn. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

Sorry to hear about your accident and knee surgery. Will keep you in my prayers. I visit your blog daily and was concerned these last few days when there wasn't a current posting. Take care of yourself.

Dawn, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you're home and, hopefully, on the mend. Take care of that knee and don't overdo.

Hope you recover soon. Take care of yourself. I wish you the best. Nancy

Saw your pic on FB. I have and will pray you continue to heal.

Oh My Gosh!! I hope you are recovering well. It really takes a bad accident to break your femur! Wish I lived closer, I would bring you a pickle casserole! Keeping you close in thought and prayer, Love Su

My prayes are with you for a speedy recovery.

Ouch, take care of yourself x

did you have to get a new knee?
I'm so sorry about your accident/surgery. Take your pain meds and don't let the pain get ahead of you!!

Wow! That's a pretty nasty displaced fracture. Sending lots of prayers for your speedy recovery. I found I had the desire to create but not the skill or ability to stay awake post my recent emergency surgery, thanks to the pain meds and my energy level. Now that I'm back to work there's just no energy. :( I hope it's easier for you and that you have lots of support! Heal well and quick. Hugs.

I'm sorry to hear that you had an accident I will definitely pray you have a speedy recovery!

Hi Dawn, My prayers go out to you you are such a sweet lady I enjoy your web site so much you are so talented I live in Indana wish I had a SU demonstrator like you Hope you have a quick recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jean Doty

I'm so sorry, Dawn. I hope your surgery went well. Prayers for a quick and easy recovery.

oh dawn! i've been praying everything was ok with you. i check in every day and i KNOW it's not like you to miss posting! i'm so sorry to hear you had some kind of accident and surgery! i hope you are going to be ok and please know my thoughts are with you dear! i did my nails with the most beautiful purple polish today and it made me think of you! get well soon!
- angie

OH GEE, Dawn, I knew something wasn't right since you haven't been posting. I thought maybe you had the flu. I hope you are doing ok. So sorry to hear that. Thinking of you.

Oh My Gosh, That is bad. I hope your doing better, hope they prescribed something good in the mean time and that your not suffering to much. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. As a fellow Demo and Fan, I thought I would check on your site today to see what you were showing and realized you had not posted in awhile. I knew something was up. Checking back and Wow! Blessings to you and hope you recover quickly. Sending waving inky fingers and thoughts your way!

I hope you are doing ok, I thought something happen as there were no post. Take care of yourself.

Hi Dawn. Oooh that is Bad. As a Fellow Demo and FAN I check once in awhile to see what you have up and realized you had not posted in awhile. That is NOT like you- Somethings up. I just checked back and That is what's up. Wow. I hope your feeling better and hope they per-scribed something good to help that pain. Wow. Heal quickly ma'am. With a Prayer and Goodwill thoughts, I send you a wave from inky fingers.

I'm soo sorry Dawn. This is not looking so good and I thank the Lord for protecting you from even worse things - get well soon. We'll be fine on our own for a while, so don't worry about us. ;-)
In Him, Susi

Hi Dawn, sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you'll be on the mend soon.

Oh that's terrible! Heal up soon

Sorry I didn't get over to visit you in the hospital. I need new tires again on my truck, my current ones are only 2 1/2 years old and already worn out :( And, of course the cold bitter weather makes the dead bone in my knee even more painful, which I'm sure you can relate to knee pain. Anywho, so glad you are home!

Be well! Was wondering where you were, your blog was updated. Relax and have a quick recovery.


Hope you heal quickly, Dawn!

I hope you are okay Dawn! Accidents are so scary. Here's to a speedy recovery from your accident and your knee surgery!

Prayers for a very speedy recovery for you! Hugs!

Oh thank you for letting us know what has happened. I have been very concerned for you since you hadn't posted this month, which is not like you.
You are in my prayers for a speedy recovery and minimal pain.

OMG, Dawn -- I'm SOOOO sorry to read this! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Sending cyber love and hugs!!


I was wondering if you took a "break" no pun intended. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope all goes well in your recovery.

Was so sorry to hear about your accident. I also have had major knee surgery, there will be some pain, OK a lot of pain, take your pain pills they really do help especially before therapy. The therapy will challenge you, but is so worth it. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

We are ALL praying for you and wishing you well. Hang in there, Mama, and we will be here for you when you get back! XOXOXOXOXO

Oh My, I hope and pray you will be fine... I was wondering where you were, take care, you are missed. Take your time to recover...

OMG! What happened! Are you alright! Take care of yourself!!

I wondered what happened as you post so regularly. So sorry you had an accident and surgery, what a bummer, at least your hands are okay for creating when you can sit up for a time. Sending healing wishes your way and skillful doctors.

Oh, no. I hope that you are better soon. Take it easy and I will be praying for you.

Oh my Goodness. I am one of your favorite fans and a SU demostrator. Unfortunately, you are not my upline. I knew that something was wrong when you did not have new posts. (I check daily). I am also a nurse. By your xray, I can tell that you have a had a total knee replacement and your accident caused a fractured femur above the knee, right? My prayers are with you for quick healing and decreased pain. I can't believe that you were able to post so soon!

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry That sure is one nasty looking break. Will keep you in my prayers. You take care.

Sorry to hear that. Hang in there.!

Oh, Dawn! I had a feeling something big was going on since you are such a constant source of *daily creative inspiration* and don't usually miss many days of posts. Have been praying to the One Who Sees and trusted that He knew all along what your needs were, but now I'll be asking our Lord for healing and comfort. Much love...

Dawn, So sorry to hear of your accident...looks bad....and no fun. I knew something big had happened. Have been lifting you in prayer since last Friday. Many Blessings...Cathy

Oh my goodness, I am SO sorry to hear this! I hope that you recover quickly! {{{hugs}}}

Oh my goodness Dawn! My son just had knee surgery Tuesday but I think this may top it! Be patient with yourself and know it is slow going for recovery. HUGS!

wish you well with your knee and my thoughts and prayers with your recover

Dawn, so sorry to hear about your accident. Here's to you and your quick recovery!!

That looks like more than a knee! Is the femur broken, too? Oh, my dear, you will be in my prayers for a speedy and uneventful recovery! I'm so sorry you going through this! Ouch!

I will keep you in my prayers for a quick recovery. I don't post in your blog, but love to read your emails, and look at all your beautiful projects.

OH Mah Goodness, Girl! That doesn't sound like any kind of fun at all!
Take it super easy and keep us posted!
Wishing you a speedy recovery, too.
Hugs *Ü*

I am praying for your complete recovery quickly and be back on your feet in no time. Looks so painful! You poor gal !!!

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