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December 09, 2012


Thank you so much for the video....beautiful. Hope
your shoulder gets to feeling better. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all your sharing.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder but you need to see the doctor & get it checked out. Good luck & I hope its nothing serious.

Nice bed, I slept in one when we visited my niece in Texas last year & it was very comfy. We have had a king size bed for years & we love it but I hate changing sheets, it's like a workout for me. Hubby helps me out sometimes when my back acts up. It can be a challenge sometimes when you get older.

I had similar shoulder sympr=toms many years ago. Turned out to be acute bursitis. Rest, ice and advil for a few days worked for me. Good luck.

So sorry about your shoulder! I hope you get better soon! I'm loving watching your You Tube videos :)

Oh, and my hubby and I just got our Sleep Number bed delivered last Wednesday! Love it! If you find you are too far from hubby because of the split call and ask for air chambers that zip together! We did and they were free! I must say it's much better and it doesn't feel like there is so much space between us.

Nice bed! You will have to let us know if you and Rich think that it's comfy.

My mother-in-law had frozen shoulder about 10 years ago. She wasn't doing anything unusual or terribly strenuous when -BOOM!- her shoulder locked. She went to PT for a while, but then needed to have arthroscopic surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Then, after some PT, she was good as new! I hope though that the cause of your sore shoulder is not anything serious though. Maybe some Advil, rest, and a heating pad will do the trick! I hope so. :)

Absolutely wonderful video, Dawn. I've always loved Celine Dion.
Praying for your shoulder...it very well can be acute bursitis. I've had that before and it's very painful. Don't forget to ice it and take an anti-inflammatory.
Hugs to you and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

BEAUTIFUL NEW BED!!!!!!!!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!! :)I'll bet you're sleeping GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
So sorry to hear about your shoulder Dawn!!!!!!!!! HOPE you're feeling better soon!!!!!! :) Will keep you in my prayers!
AND what a BEAUTIFUL VIDEO!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Christmas songs!!!!!!!!!!! WISH EVERYONE sang them more often!!!!!!!!! They're SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Just a hint next time You change the sheets. If Your bed raises at the head put it in raised position put your sheets on there first then the bottom half and lower bed. No fuss no muss! Hope Your shoulder gets better. Enjoy Your sleep number bed!

So sorry to hear about your shoulder, and hope it is much better soon. It's good to have it checked out though, I wonder could it be your rotator cuff? Just do what you need to do to heal that shoulder and take care of yourself. Thanks for all you share on your blog, many healing thoughts & prayers for you.

Dawn! So sorry about your shoulder! I hope that resting it will help. From now on...no making the bed!

Hi Dawn, beautiful bed - hope you slept well in it!! I am having the same symptoms as you and when I went to the doctor she said that I had acute bursitis, the same as Linda.

Just to open a cupboard door in the kitchen kills me!!!

I have had it now for about a month and a half and it comes and goes but totally bothers me more at night!! My doctor told me to put ice and heat on it!!!

Good Luck!!

Lorraine - Ontario, Canada

So sorry to hear of your injury; what a lousy time of the year for this to happen, not that there is a good time...physical therapy will do wonders so please go to your doctor!!

Beautiful bed! I wish I could have a bed like that! By the way, how's your shoulder? I've also expererieced that kind before and it took me a while to recover. I hope you're okay now.

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