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September 09, 2012


wow this sounds serious. i hope and pray you feel better soon.


from the netherlands

ps i agree God is a Great God, love the song.

Sorry to hear you are in such pain. Sudden sharp pain is the worst because you never know when it is coming. You are on edge just waiting for it to happen again. I hope that it clams down more and more every day so you can fully enjoy your trip.

Dawn, so sorry to hear you're going through such pain. I just want to tell you that God definitely uses you for His glory...every time I check into your site, I feel a certain positivity reading your posts and hearing your cheerfulness on your videos. I always know that you love what you do and you love to share with others so that we can create beautiful things too! Thank you for that and I certainly hope you are better soon!

What an awesome testimony in the midst of pain and what could be a "poor me" posting!! Praying you recover quickly and can enjoy your day. Love your videos and especially this wonderful song to keep things in life in perspective. God is good all the time!!!

Praying for you Dawn. I have the same issue at times and have found the following helpful along with the icing... roll a rolling pin over your sore muscles, especially along your hip and legs. (It really works! I learned this from my PT!), and massage helps so much to relieve the nerve pain around the lower back and legs.
Thoroughly enjoy Founder's Circle! I'm off to make the Raspberry Ripple Ribbon card you have on your website for my classes this week! I know they will love it!!
You are an inspiration and I know God will be glorified in your testimony of how he took care of you while you were away!
Canton, MI

I hope you are better soon and able to go to Founders Circle. Prayers headed your way!! Take care of yourself.

I LOOOOOOOVE this song Dawn! You can REALLY feel the presence of God when you hear it! JUST THINK, ONE DAY, IN GLORY---NO MORE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE how you expressed your committment to Christ! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I'll be praying for you!!!!!!!!!! When you go to Founders, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! :) Here's just a little something to make you feel even better!!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT! "FRIED PICKLES!" :) Here: http://bunsinmyoven.ziplist.com/recipes/739408-Fried_Pickles_with_Spicy_Ranch?utm_source=Silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Weekly%20Recommendations%209-9-12%20(1)&spMailingID=4751941&spUserID=MjYzMjExNzE5NzQS1&spJobID=285816036&spReportId=Mjg1ODE2MDM2S0
HUGS!!!!!!!!!! :)

Praying for a safe and pain-free trip for you. Love what you said about an audience of one- great perspective!

A beautiful testimony inspite of your pain! That's my goal always, but somedays I am better at it than others. I mess up, but He never does! Praying for you!
Your sister in Christ!

As a fellow sufferer of both arthritis and sciatica, I totally empathize and sympathize with you!

The wheel chair is a most excellent idea.

Hey, looking forward to you posting a photo of your new hair color!

I am praying for you, Dawn. I speak 1 Peter 2:24 over you.
You are a BLESSING in so many ways!

Thank you for sharing this song today. I hadn't sung it for quite a while, and I needed it. It is such a powerful song!
Have a blessed week!
God bless you,

I know exactly how you feel. I just finished a 2.5 month flare up of Satica nerve pain. I found that laying on the floor with my feet elavated on a chair really helped. Plus lots of walking. It would kill at first but start to ease up.
As well my hubby read somewhere at work 90% of back pain caused from not drinking enough water. So I took the challenge. Oh my goodness did that make a huge difference in my pain. I sure hope it passes quickly for you.
thank you so much for all that you share. I love coming and looking everyday.
Take care and enjoy founders circle.

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