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August 29, 2012


Hi Dawn,
My guess is a PURPLE PICKLE just kidding!!

OMG Dawn this is simply stunning. I love it :):):)

a purple biker jacket or helment

A new helmet?

You girls are cracking me up with all the purple goodies :)

I think your Momma got your a purple Harley so you can ride your own !!

A Purple Witches Wis in Wisteria Winder and a Elegant Eggplant helmet. Sooo Cute. I would LOve a video on this card. Thanks Dawn.
Love It!

New hand brace? Hmmmmm...maybe you got lucky or was a VERY good girl & she bought you an iPad, hehehe!!! I Think BIG!!! I just bought one for myself Friday thats why I thought of it.

Oooops, my bad, I forgot to comment on your Beautiful card...too darn cute! Luv it!!!

Love the card. The browns are so pretty for it. Maybe you got a biker ornament.

A t-shirt that says "My sandwich has 3.5 MegaPickles"?! Okay, maybe not that, but I guess a pickle-related item!

BEAUUUUUTIFUL CARD Dawn!!!!!!!!!! :)

MAYBE, your Mama bought you a package of Glittery, Purple, Pickle smelling Paper????? :) OR MAYBE, your Mama bought you a Glittery, Purple, Pickle smelling Motor Bike???? With a matching Helmet????:) LOL

I'm guessing a purple biker helmet, too...or maybe something with pickles {you have a pickle fetish?...LOL! Just kidding! ;D

Obviously something PURPLE and/or something with Pickles knowing your passion for both!

I'm guessing a purple pickle tape dispenser. I love the card too.

My guess a purple helmet or some pickles with purple glitter (just kidding) Have a Great Day of ya Love the card hope you do a video on it.

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