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August 30, 2012


wow lucky you, congrats already for tomorrow.

God bless you and your husband for many more years together.


Happy Anniversary! It's also my Daughters Birthday. A very special Day...Enjoy!

Awesome!!!! It's my favorite color...is that turquoise I see in that pic??? I love that color. I guess she couldn't get it in purple! ;o(

It's never to late to learn something new! Here is a great website to get you started:
Lots of easy projects to get you started.

Congratulations on 24 yrs! Here's to another 24!!!!! Yep my Sewing Machine is in the closet. When I finally get the basement ready for my new craft area....I will bring that puppy out and probably use it on cardstock too, but I am going to attempt to make a quilt!! Yikes! My baby sister has made a few and she said she will teach me to do it. The funny part...I already bought the stuff to do it...but that basement needs hoeing out and cleaned and painted and then craft room moved and set up! I just have to get more energy after work to get her done!!
Well the beast to you and hubby and that gift will always give you memories of your Mom!

OOps, I mean the BEST to you and Hubby!

Happy Anniversary! I hope you two "sewed" up some good time. ;)

Happy Anniversary to you both, hope you have a lovely day and there be many many more to come xox

Congrats to you and your hubby, Dawn...wishes for many more happy years together. My hubby and I just celebrated 40 yrs in June! You are on your way LOL! A bit of advice when you start sewing on cardstock...make sure that you use separate needles for your fabric and your C/S....the cardstock will dull the needle for your fabric. Have fun and enjoy!

You're going to have sooooo much fun with your machine! Be careful when you're sewing cards. Use one needle for your paper (it will dull and not be fit for fabric...similar to scissors). Plus, don't sew across anything that has been glued, or snailed down. Adhesive will not only gum up your needle, it will gum up the bobbin area of your machine and eventually render it useless!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) WHAT A WONDERFUL PRESENT!!!!!!!!!! AND simple is FINE! I have a Singer too, an "oldie!" It just has straight & zig-zag stitches. No fancy stuff! Did you know that Commercial Machines don't have all the doo-dads either? I DO remember you saying you didn't sew! So, this is FABULOUS that you will be sewing now! :) It's ALWAYS NICE to be learning new things with your craft! :) Can't wait to see what you do! AND don't worry if the stitching goes crooked! That's the way people do it sometimes! :)WHAT FUN you'll be having! :)

Dawn, You are going to have SEW Much Fun! What a nice gift from your Momma. My mom taught me how to sew when I was 10. Her sewing machine was in her bedroom at the foot of the bed and I would sit on the end of the bed and talk to her while she sewed, as we discussed life's mysteries. I was always curious and I guess that's how she ended up teaching me. LOL I have always crafted with fabric and made curtains and table runners for the most part, but also enjoyed making my kid's Halloween costumes. I had a coaster phase, where I made family coasters for the current holdiay. And always prized my machine. It's nice if you have a space to leave your machine out, easily accessible for mending clothes or doing crafts. I never use my good machine for paper sewing. I did try it once, but paper will dull your good sewing needle and adhesive will do horrible things to your machine. LOL My hubby had both our machines maintenanced a couple of months ago, because the tension gets messed up after heavy use. I now have the luxury of having my daughter's old machine, which was "used" when I got it for her. Her sweet hubby bought her a new machine, so we will use the old machine exclusively for paper crafting. And we don't have to change out the needle between card stock or fabric sewing. Thank You for all of your inspiration and fabby crafting. (((Hugs)))

it WOULD have to be SIMPLE for me to use a sewing machine again in this lifetime! LOL

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