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August 05, 2012


Hi Dawn, Praying for your husband and everyone participating in the trip that they have a safe journey. I have seen Wen but have never tried it, glad you love it. Maybe someday I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video. I loved it.

This stuff is awesome. You should check out QVC. They have it on there all the time. Sometimes its their today's special value and you cant get it for a great price.

Oh wow, I like your pics! :D


Best of luck and safe journey to hubby. Since you have thin hair as do I, does it give your hair body and volume too? I've seen the infomercials and have been so tempted to try it, but really like my Nioxin. As a hair dresser/user, what's your take between the two?

That's funny as I have tried Wen and didn't like it as it left my hair looking greasy and my hair had no body. I ordered it from QVC so was able to send it back.

I love Wen, too! Every June QVC sells it by the gallon and it's worth every penny. I use the one for color treated hair...I think it's fig and I wouldn't be without it.

I love a blog that gives hair care tips!


May god be with your Hubby there and back. Love your Sunday share it reminded me of the movie Big with Tom hands lol. OBTW my daughter have been Wen girls for a long time. Love it! My Daughter has enough hair for 10 people me not so much you know hormones and meds. Ladies give this product a try if you order it from QVC you have 30 days too decide or your money back. Give it a try you will not be sorry!

Read your post about Wen... I have a friend who loves it, as she was worried about her hair thinning... I went a different approach. I bought Organic Shampoo from Target called Shea Moisture. I started taking a Multi-B Vitamin (labeled Stress Management), and extra Folic Acid & Botin... plus take 6 drops of Homopathic Iodine. The 5 bald spots that I had are now growing hair!!! I really think the Iodine is the key, but it's all good stuff anyway... Good Luck!

I'm a WEN girl, for a long time now. I, too, love it. QVC is my source Love your Blog and Videos, also. Thanks for what you do...and for sharing.

Yes, this stuff is awesome! I have used it for over a year now and I love my hair now. But QVC has some fantastic deals and lots of different scents and configurations. I certainly LOVE this stuff. Now Loreal j=has madea type of conditioning shampoo and it is cheaper. I may have to try.

Just a quick note about Wen products. Try QVC - they sometimes have great special prices!

I'd take the stairs for that too!!!!!!!! :) LOL Thanks for the chuckle Dawn!!!!!!!!!! :) I've NEVER heard of the hair stuff before! Sounds GOOD! AND can't wait to see some pictures of your hubby's trip! :)

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