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August 12, 2012


Dawn, Glad to hear your hubby is having a great experience. I told my hubby about it (he has been riding since he was a kid) and he has been following your hubby and the other riders everyday. I know it is something he would love to do (he has traveled all over the country and Europe on his Harley). I am sure you are excited to see your hubby. Good luck

Jennie O

PS. I sat next to your hubby at convention last year (2011) at one of the classes and we started talking about riding. I live in the Hartland/Howell area

That is so awesome Dawn, glad they are all safe. The map is so cool, it's amazing what they can do today. Have a wonderful safe trip and I'm sure you'll both be thrilled to see each other :)

Dawn, I also wanted to thank you for always posting such beautiful videos. Sometimes in our busy daily lives, we forget what is truly important.

Hurray for Hoka Hey! Glad Rich has a such a fun time! Enjoy New York! Thanks for sharing this awesome video! I may need a simple sewing project soon. Hope to remember this one!

I have been praying for your husband and I know that you will be so happy to see him cross that finish line. I wish I had know that you wanted shirts made. I have an embroidery machine and would have done one for you. Next year, keep this in mind and I'll do them ahead of time.
God Bless,

Hi Dawn. I just checked on where your hubby was and it looks like I just missed him. He passed through Erie, Pa looks like earlier this evening. Wish I would have known I would have gone and cheered him on. Glad you'll be able to see him soon.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL video Dawn!!!!!!!!! LOVE all the photos!!!!!!!!!!!SO FITTING for the song! :) THANKS FOR SHOWING us!!!!!!!!!!! :)JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!
AND THANKS for showing us the video on the Scissor Snipps!!!!!!!!WOW! HOW EASY!!!!!!!!! ( I hear the BIG SHOT calling my name again! ) :)
SO HAPPY FOR YOU that your hubby will be home again! I'm SURE it was a LONG WEEK for you while he was away! YEP, I think he was missing you too with that PICKLE eating! :)

I looked up the Tail of the Dragon & had to post about it! OMG!!! It looks like something from that show about the truck drivers driving down the worst roads in the world. You'd think they could find a way to fix that. Very scary!

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