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March 18, 2012


wow, that's pretty cool! tfs...(don't think it's here in canada yet!)

WOW!!! That is so neat! I might just have to try that! Thanks for sharing.

Wow! I have never seen anything like that. How cool!!

That is sooo cool. I am going to go and look for it at Sally's.

Unbelievable! If it comes in pink with polka dots, I know what I'm getting Meg for her birthday. Shhhh! Don't tell her!

Hope Hubby is liking his new job, that's A LOT of hours, hope he is getting compensated for it too.
Love the color and the idea. The only time I have EVER had good nails is with acrylics, and as an RN, we cannot have them in most of the hospitals, although, I disagree with their rationale, Cleaner and well-groomed nails are much better than splitting, short nails, etc. etc.....but that always falls on deaf ears.
Have a great week, can't wait to hear about your "moment"

Wow! That's neat! I will share this with my nieces. :-)


That is SOOOO NEAT Dawn!!!!!!! You make me want to start doing my nails again! LOVE IT!!!!!! :) WHAT WILL THEY COME UP WITH NEXT????? :)

Wow!! I think my step daughters would LOVE that!!! :)

It is so much fun to watch your videos! I had leaned so much about making cards and trying to make my nails nice... my cards look better than my nails :S

After watching your video, I had to tell my daughter (age 17) about it. Of course, we went out the next day to buy it. It is sooooo cool. She did her nails last night and absolutely loves it. Thanks for sharing =)

Just a heads up as a China Glaze Magnetix user...if you put on a coat of Seche Vite, your nails will last longer. Mine usually last a good week and even longer if I keep my hands outta water...haha! I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! from 1 SU to another!!!

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