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February 05, 2012


OMG! I was laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes! She should be a Kindergarten teacher! She would entertain those children so much!
Nice Job, Jessie! You are TOO CUTE!!

so funny! it's harder than it looks, right Jess? And the hands/nails look the same...but the voice isn't yours! Good job!

jessie gives me a laugh! Love her vibrancy!

LOL...your a great teacher Jessie & you make us all laugh!!! More videos for you soon, I hope!!! Love your card & yep...just as good as moms! Love the whispering by mom!

It just keeps getting better and better! LOL Good job Jessie!

OMG you guys are so funny Jessie's hands look just like yours.. Love Love the video.

Like mother like daughter. Great job Jess!

You can tell Jessie loves life. What a great up bring she has had. Nice nails just like Mom. Loved the video. Job well done.

What a hoot!!! I loved the video Jessie:) Always love your projects Dawn--thanks for sharing!

It reminded me of SNL skits mimicking celebrities. You should take your show on the road! I too agree, the hands and nails are identical. She just didn't say "Bye Stampers!"

Great job, Jessie! I loved your video and your nails are so pretty. <3

Great Job Jessie--will you be helping Mom in the future--it was great MOM!!! Love your nails!!!!!

So funny. Great job Jessie.

1) Sign this girl up (yeah, in all her spare time, lol). She is a natural and a hoot.

2) Jessie, I am stealing your line. My customers will be delighted to learn about "dimensioning" their layers. Too funny!

Thank you for sharing and being such amazingly good sports, ladies.

And I thought I was the only one that drank the pickle juice! HAHA!! Thanks - Dianna

Jessie missed her calling! She should be a teacher! It's not too late, Jess! For a moment, though, I did think she had 3 hands! LOL!

Agree with the SNL comparison -- especially her intro to the project. And love that line about "here's a token...don't cheat and make your own."

Jesse, YOU ROCK! Loved it, loved it! Loved your hands and nails too, just as pretty as Mom's! You will be a great mommy someday! Now Dawn has no excuse to not post a video when she's at convention or wrapped up in VBS! Thank you all and may God bless! Sandi

Jessie -- you are a natural!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

I wish you lived near me so I could share my pickles with you. We get way too many cucumbers in our veggie co-op. There's only two of us and DH doesn't eat them. But he likes pickles so he makes pickles, all kinds. But now we have way too many pickles.

Great Job. She made me smile. Loved her nails. Her hands were same as her mom.

Loved it. Good job, Jess!

Loved it!
I love those nails too. :D

So is Jess a demo in training? hee, hee

Loved it! You are quite the entertainer Jessie :) .......and an awesome stamper too! Just like mom :)

rotflmao! Yeah, I gotta agree: "don't cheat and make your own" cracked me up! I loved all the stage whispering. "It's upside down." :)

A junior Dawn! I love Jess and her sense of humor. Also loved your whispering in the background Dawn! I think I also spotted your hand in the beginning! LOVE IT!!!

That was AWESOME JESS!!!! Just keep practicing and youll be as good as mom before you know it. Yep I liked your card better too! Shhh.... dont tell mom!!! LOL! Keep the videos coming Dawn! Im sure it wasnt meant to be comical, but I couldnt help but giggle!


Absolutely the best video I've seen in a long time! Makes me want to go home and stamp and just have fun! Loved it!

oh!my!lanta!!! that was the best!! I am hoping i didn't wake up my family giggling at 12:10 in the morning lol. Thank you so much for sharing...great job jessie!!

Well done Jess. Great entertainment & your card was lovely. Thanks also to Dawn for all your inspirational video's. LOVE them.

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