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August 21, 2011


That is sooo funny about the potatoes Dawn. I live in Ontario and I have made my potatoes on the grill like that for years! Totally delish!
Love your site and your videos. Thanks for always sharing such great stuff.

Thank you for posting that video. I needed that.

Dawn-- love this video--sent a link to my pastor! Thanks for sharing! Dawn Hoffman

Hey Dawn,
I LOVE your videos - they have so MUCH meaning. Keep 'em coming! TY! :)

LOVE IT! Great message.

Hey Dawn!! I visit your site ALL THE TIME -- you are a creative genius and I love everything you share with us!! BUT....I don't think I've ever commented before -- *sorry!!* But after watching that video.....I HAD to say.......THANK YOU. I sooooo needed to hear everything that video had to say. Thank you for sharing it!!

Thanks for sharing the awesome video, Dawn. Just posted it to my facebook page.

I needed that..good blog.. keep it up wit ur good ..work..nice to read this also..thanks for the blog..keep it up.

Dawn, I loved that video. I didn't know that "holiday" existed. Gonna forward that video link to my pastor.

Dawn, my family cooks potatoes on the grill, too. We scrub them, leave the skin on and then slice (about 1/4" apart)the whole thing, but not all the way through to the bottom. We then stick some butter and thin onion slices into some of the "slits" sprinkle with some salt & pepper (or Montreal Steak Seasoning-YUM!!) and then grill as you do.

Thanks for the inspirational video as well!

This one touched my heart so hard that it hurts. I am literally shedding tears. I love the pipefitter's piece the best--about hypocrites in church. What a lovely video.

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