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August 14, 2011


I am SO glad I got to meet you and Jessie at your "WORKSHOP OF A LIFETIME" a year or two ago. She is such a sweet girl and I will always remember her calling me "Grandma Judy" I loved it!! I'm SO happy for her and I'm wishing her the very best in life. I know you are a proud mother and you have every right to be. You raised her right and she has turned out to be a lovely, multi-talented,young lady. Blessings to all of you.
Judy B.

Aww, so sweet! Congrats again! I like the pictures with mommy and daddy the best!! :)

Hi Dawn. Congrats to Jessie. What an accomplishment. I looked for a long time before I found a hair dresser that I really liked and would listen to me.

I really enjoy checking out all your card making ideas. I have just really gotten into the stampin up products and love them. Keep up the good work. Susan

Congrats to all of you! What a great day!

Huge hugs!

Hi Dawn:
You and Hubby have to be very proud of Jessie. She sure looks like her Mom. Way to go Jessie Congratulations. Glad to hear you have a job lined up. A very lucky girl. Go Girl.

The very Best to you.

Congratulations to your daughter. I've been a follower of your blog for a while and have seen your daughter grow up through your blog. You must be very proud of her. Love her rainbow cake. And I love your fabulous card!! That stamps you used are awesome. Will it ever be available to demonstrators or in a future catalog? I love the pool party and black-looks very rich. The rhinestones look fantastic along the punched border.

YEAAAAAAAAAAA Jessie, You go, girl. The world is waiting for you out there...So proud of you...

Tell her I love her new hair cut and COLOR!!!

Congrats to your Jessie . I remember punching out for the last time. It is such a huge accomplishment. Best of luck to Jessie on her state boards. I'm sure she will do great.
Love your cards I stop by every day before work to check out your site.

Congrats Jessie, way to go. Keep up the great work. Nice to see a young women on the right path.....

Congrats Jessie!!! Sorry Dawn it's her Day (Love the card)

Congratulations Jessie!!! Way to go gal!!! Blessings to you for many more celebrations to come.

Congratulations, Jessie!!! That cake looks super yummy!

What a cute card. Congrats to Jessie? I Did that 33 yrs ago, Eeeow! ! Tell her to keep reading her text book front to back til her boards come up. The written test will be a breeze( if they still do writtens). Also I remember it's all about sanitation,sanitation,sanitation ! Anyways tell her good luck!

Sorry, that's congrats to Jessie!!!!!!

Congrats to you Jessie...and may you always be as happy as your were today.
Good luck and God Bless


Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing Jessie's special day. So exciting for all of you.

Beautiful card....awesome cake!! Congrats to Jessie!!! A good friend of mine's daughter just got her license. I'm sure Jessie will do great!

I am afraid, but I think your daughter is almost as talented as you!
Best wishes to you two!

Congratulation Jessie.

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