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June 29, 2011


Yummy.! I love real candy and I love blog candy. Thank you for all of your wonderful work.

I'm so pleased your blog is all up and running properly again for you. I would be so stressed if mine was playing up.

I love your blog! The ideas in it are overwhelming and have definitely inspired me. You are amazing!

Your website is awesome and glad to see Typepad fixed the problem.

I love all the great cards you make. Gives me lots of ideas, keep up the great job. Can't wait for the new catalog to arrive.

Hey Dawn,
I am always inspired by your creations and visit your blog daily. Love your videos and the tips that you give.

Love the stampsets that you are giving away. I would love to be one of the chosen one.

Thanks for the opportunity

Dawn, Your blog is lovely and is the first thing I look at every morning. Thank you for your inspiring ideas and creations.
Love YOU! Su
(Stampin' Up with Su)

I visit your site every day. You have taught me so much.Thanks so much!

Hello Dawn,
Almost every day I check your blog.
You make the most lovely, cute cards.
Also I love to watch your videos.
Hopefully I am one of the lucky persons to win a stamp set.

So glad you're up and running again properly. I follow you via twitter, Thanks for all the inspiration.

I love your blog sooo much and have a look every day on it! Thanks for your inspiration and the chance to win one of this adorable stamp sets!

Yeah Blog Candy!! I love your Blog! I'm not sure what is better, your talent or your humor!

Dawn, I have your blog linked to google reader so I never miss an entry!! You are inspiring, please don't ever stop posting!! I love the look of your blog candy too *fingers crossed for luck*
Luv Lynne

My right index finger is so glad your blog is fixed! It's been working so hard scrolling down to the bottom of the page each morning to find your latest post. Now that it doesn't have to do that any more it's doing the happy dance all over my keyboard! Have a wonderful day Dawn and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

I just love your blog. I especially enjoy your videos. I always get such great ideas from you. Thanks, Maurica

Glad you are back to normal!

I love your work! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much for sharing such a great giveaway!

candy and a new catalog, how good is that ??? Love your daily blog with all the wonderful ideas. Thank you for being so dedicated !! Judy

hello Dawn. the first I see in the morning is, if you have made a new card :-) I love your style. Can't wait till friday. In case I would win .... I have an aunt in USA, she would give me the parcel when I visit her in summer. Christine

Sorry you were so stressed about your blog and I'm happy the issue has been resolved. I love checking it every day!

Dawn - love your website and blog. I found your site about a year ago and you have given me inspiration to create! I enjoy reading about your family and your faith in God. I look forward to many more posts and videos from you in the future. Take care!

You are simply the best!!!Keep up the great work!!

I love your site because you take beautiful ideas and make them simple...simple enough that even I can give them a whirl!!! And blog candy to boot... Thanks for all you do and God bless you!

Nothing worse than having blog problems so glad you got them fixed. Love reading your blog each day. Thanks for the inspiration Dawn.

I enjoy your blog. You have such great ideas and your videos make everything so easy. Keep them coming!!! Thanks .. Lorie H.

I love your blog and come over to browse your work everyday. Yes! It had been some terrible days when I could not see what I wanted to see! I am so happy it is back to normal now!!

Good Morning Dawn, I too come to your blog first thing in the morning! You so inspire me. I am the coordinator for our card ministry at our church. Thanks so much for coming in daily with new and innovative ideas, tutorials and how tos!! I have taken back many of your ideas to my team so that they can recreate some of the awesome cards that you make. Love the stamps sets that you are giving away by the way!Thanks!! Blessings on your day.

I miss you soooo much when your blog is down !! Glad you ar back

Hi Dawn,

Glad you got things fixed with your blog. We would be upset if would could not look at your blog each day. I truly love all your ideas.


I love your blog and visit every day. Offering blog candy is awesome - just like you. Thanks Dawn

LOVE all your videos & shares Dawn, always makes me feel happy fo the day. I LOVE to see what nail polish you are wearing, always co-ordinates with the project!! Keep up the GREAT work Dawn, lov you!!

I check your website EVERYDAY at 6:15 a.m. The only other page I visit before your page each morning is my homepage...maybe I should make your page my home page, it's a thought (now I sound like a stalker). Anyway, I have three of the six sets and would love to win one of the other three (or all, just sayin'), because after all you can't have too many Stampin' Up stamps. (Loved your Alaska pics by the way.)

Love your work, Dana

Hi Dawn, I just want to let you know what a fabulous stamper you are. Your creations are so wonderful and you are such an inspiration to all of us who follow your blog. Thank you for sharing your time and talent!! GOD Bless!!!

I love your blog and your projects Dawn and check in everyday! I'm so glad everything is working okay now. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Good Morning, Dawn! Thanks for the chance at blog candy. I check your blog every morning and always enjoy it.

So glad your blog is running properly-Love all your great ideas! You keep me enthused with all your cards and videos on the techniques! Hope I win some blog candy-have never even heard of blog candy

I am one of the lucky people because your blog never was a problem for me to view. But I am so happy you got it fixed for all those who couldn't view it. I check your blog everyday and find it very inspirational. Your videos help so much and your creativity is fabulous. Keep up the good work because we all appreciate it so very much.

Yeah! So exciting the blog is working correctly! Thanks for the blog candy. I love checking your blog daily for new inspiration.

You are the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win such awesome blog candy! I LOVE LOVE your blog and videos!!


Why not light some sparklers and celebrate! Your blog problems are solved! You are always so upbeat and bubbly and your cards reflect that, in addition to your videos! Praise God for people like you! Thank you for your generous blog candy giveaway!


Hi Dawn,
This is going to sound strange but I visit your blog most every day and really enjoy your posts, no that's not the strange part. The strange part is I have never seen anything amiss about your blog. Don't know if it's because I use a mac? But for whatever reason I can open your video's, no problem can see all your links, no problem! I guess I am the lucky one! Your blog always looks great to me! Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

Glad to hear everything is back to normal with the blog. Computers are great when they work , but when they don't the headaches start. Thanks for the chance to win these wonderful stamps.

Your blog is one of the first I go to everyday.. I love your blog and your style, Especially the how to videos. JGB

I am always inspired by your creations and love to visit your blog.
Thank you for the awesome ideas.

Dawn, I have been viewing your blog for about three years. It is packed full of interesting, sometimes funny, facts about your family, lots of spiritual inspiration, and tons of ideas and easy to follow instructions for making beautiful cards for me to send to those I love. You have become a dear friend and teacher through this blog. Thanks for all you do.

I have been visiting your blog from the beginnning. So glad that you got the problem fixed. Love the videos!!!


Love ... LOVE .... love your blog! and your videos. I get so many great ideas. Thank you so much. Makes me feel good to hear your sparkly happy voice!

Dawn - I love your blog! It has always worked perfectly for me, but I'm glad everyone can use it with ease now. I love your ideas and videos, but most of all I love your enthusiasm! I check your blog first thing every day! Keep up the great work!


You have a wonderful blog with lots of inspiration!


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