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April 07, 2011


That's fantastic! Do you have to go to a salon to have shellac applied or can you buy it and do it at home? If it can be done at home, where would you buy shellac for your nails?

They look gorgeous, by the way.

I have been doing the Shellac too. I am on my third round with it. the first time I tried a color and did not like it - thought it looks gloppy and couldn't wait to get it off. Then I went to the french and I went three weeks. A little long I know and yes, I had a ton of growth, my nails are MUCH stronger - thankfully, but I chose to go 3 weeks because the cost is higher and I don't have a personal Jessie to do them for me. But I am SOLD on the French manicure look and this is perfect for me for how long it lasts

OMG, I can not believe the color lastest that long!!!

I just thought this would be perfect for my daughter(she does aerialist stuff for productions at her school and never can seem to keep polish on her nails), is there a place online that I can purchase it?

Thanks so much and thank you for a post on this amazing stuff.

That is so bad for yor nails... I found that once soaked in acetone, my nails were weak and often became thin and brittle... its a damaging cycle you need to keep wearing to make your nails appear strong... hope/ypu have bteer luck tthanI did... :(

Dawn, I recently had O.P.I oxxium (sp) gel nails and I love them, they too last about 2 weeks. Does Jessie do these on her own. I would love to purchase a kit, where does one get this from?

I tried the Shellac too. It only lasted on my nails for 5 days and cost $25.00 - I can't afford that every week. The gal re-did them for 1/2 price and they lasted 7 days---still can't afford that. Do you have to have the drying machine to do them yourself? I also had my toenails done at the same time and they lasted 7 weeks! Will definitely have my toenails done again for summer =)

I have been a licensed nail tech for 17 yrs. I also use Shellac in my spa on my clients. You do NOT want to peel the polish off. If applied correctly, when you peel the polish, it will also peel layers of your natural nail. Acetone is much less physical damage. One tip to get the french to look better longer is to apply the white further down the nail plate, so as it grows it wont be as obvious as it is when you only follow the free edge.. Enjoy!

I am a nailtech and I do the Shellac service. It is not available for the public to purchase. You do have to have the UV light. You also must use the CND lamp and not another UV light. It is because of the UV output of their lamp. Dawn, not sure if you are doing the removing or if Jesse is doing it, but if you are, then you will need PURE acetone (Sally beauty supply has it)...NOT acetone polish remover. You will be there for days with polish remover;) I perform this service for my clients instead of them having to do it and they have these wraps that have a cotton pad on it and it wraps around like a bandaid. Let sit for 10 minutes and remove and yes, use an orange wood stick to "scrape" it right off. Those of you who have lasted only 5-7 days, maybe either tell your tech to call the hotline to problem solve, or maybe find another tech who performs it. It will last for 14 days. Also, Dawn, The Rock Royalty color is AWESOME! I totally love it :) For the person who said it was bad for her nails...you MUST use the Solar Oil faithfully! It is imperative for the system. The removal process is drying, and you need the solar oil throughout the process. If used daily, it will penetrate through the Shellac. The Jojoba oil is the main ingredient and it will "burrow" into the skin and nails and all the other oils will follow. Hope this is helpful! Good luck!

video of the removal process, please! :) would love to see it!

Love purple nail polish! Please show us the new color!

Dawn: These are awesome. I have 1 question for Jessie though. My hands are in water most of the day washing dogs, and I was wondering how this holds up in that situation. If she could find out for me I would appreciate it.

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