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November 28, 2010


Beautiful, beautiful! Give hubby a great big hug and big prime rib dinner. Love that floor tile too.


Your husband did an amazing job on the bathroom. Can we clone him? LOL Live Jessie's new bed. Bet she's real excited. Hope the job works out for hubby as well. Have a great day with your family.

Wow...bathroom looks fantastic! Now you can send hubby over to Assonet, hehehe!!! Good luck with the stitches, hope all goes well.
Thanks for sharing. Have a great Sunday!

A beautiful remodel job for sure. You are such a lucky lady, you have a fabulous family. Thanks for sharing your talent with us and allowing us to share your beautiful family with us too. Hugs for a joyous holiday season.

Hi Dawn,I have been watching the updates of your bathroom.I love the glass shower.May I suggest something that saved my glass. I cleaned the glass real good and dried it completely then I used Rain-X on it.Just as the directions for your windshield would be.Watch the water just bead up and helps keep the soap scum from turning your glass milky white.Easy clean up also.Just a hint,and I love your blog.

I love your new bath, I did my guest bath in the same colors. You have great taste.

Dawn, I so admire you and your family. Have a wonderful, blessed, Holiday season.
Thanks for all you do and all you share.

What a wonderful transformation! It looks beautiful! Enjoy your new space. P.S. Can I borrow your husband? He does nice work!

Wow Dawn! Your bathroom turned out beautifully. What a transformation! Your hubby did a fantabulous job. You're so lucky to have such a handy hubby. Thanks for sharing the progress, and final results. It looks great.

I am home sick today and couldn't wait to check your blog to see what your Sunday share was. Thank you - our God is the Lord of heaven and earth. Blessings to you and your family.

Your new loo is gorgeous!

TFS! I love the color of your new bathroom. Glad to hear hubby has a job and hope it continues.

You are blessed! Ain't it grand? When projects get started around my house, they always take 4 times as long as planned. . . at least! LOL! And I still think how God save Rich and the others from the "Christmas Day Bomber!" Thank you, Lord!
. . .And congrats to the winners!

It looks wonderful!
Is your husband for hire? LOL

Wow! Love the colors in your bathroom. You are very fortunate to have a talented husband. My eight year-old saw the bunny photo and love it. Then I had to tell her you had to get rid of it : (

I will pray for permament employment for your husband. My hubby is a veteran and works to help veterans find jobs. The unemployment in our area is high, so I know how frustrating things can be.

Yay! Job well done guys!!! Love the color!

Tip: Get that automatic shower cleaner thingie!!! I have a shower stall in my downstairs bathroom and the thing works like a champ!

Wow, Dawn, looks fab! We just did a remodel so I know how much work it is. You've done great & now you have a beautiful new bathroom.

Fabulous, very professional! Congrats on the temp job turning permanent! I'm glad you have him home for good now.


Wow! Congratulation on such a wonderful new bathroom! Reno's are hard work but the payoff after the fact makes it all worth it. Great Work!!

Your bathroom looks great. Your wall colour looks like the colour we justed painted my daughters room.

Great job! You have a good taste in picking the right accessories for your bathroom. With the result of your renovation I can say that it will have an effective plumbing system.

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