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November 21, 2010


LOVE that video! She's a GREAT little story teller!!

Love your Sunday shares Dawn. This one was adorable.

Dawn, thank you for sharing the video. It was quite appropriate that my kids and I watched it today. They did the story of Jonah in our Children's Church today and my middle son played the part of the ship captain. We loved the video and the little girl did a great job telling the story.

What happened to your hubby's head?

I knew you'd like this video!

Ohmygosh! What an adorable video, Dawn!! That little girl told an amazing story and had it all memorized! I can totally see my Bella doing that someday, lol.

So glad to hear your hubby's head is doing better, even if it is itchy!

Good news on the waterheater. Sounds like your house is turning into a palace!

Yeah on Jesse enjoying her new skills!!! You must be so very proud of her!

Dawn it always a joy to visit you sight. The video today was so cute. Thanks

Glad hubby's head is getting better. He will have to get himself a helper when he does overhead stuff. Dawn? Keep up the good work you two.

Be glad the water heater has done so well all these years. Last year I fell and hurt my knee and was only able to hobble from bed to bathroom for weeks. Two days after my accident our hot water heater burst all over the laundry room. My hubby is not very mechanically inclined and we had to wait for help to install the new one. He shut off all water to the upstairs--Where I was--for 2 days!!!! Not Fun! Glad you were able to get it done before anything happened.

What an adorable video. Thank you for sharing.

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