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October 17, 2010


Dawn, that is great news in the Griffith household!!!! You two look so cute together and Jess didi a great job in coloring your hair. Have a great day and good week. Can't wait to see those video's coming up.

Wow that is fantastic news for you all. He will find another job soon enough, can't wait to see what Jess does with his hair, your's looks fantastic. How I would love to have my own hair stylus....few too many greys creep in nowadays. Marls

Whoo - Hoo! Great news! I am so happy for you. You look so happy! Can't wait to see his make over. You go, Jess!
Love to all! Su

This is WONDERFUL news!! I am so happy for all of you. Praises to the Lord for keeping your hubby safe.

Fantastic news for your family! You must be so relieved. You're hair looks awesome, Jessie did a great job. I am happy that your family is together again. Take Care and God Bless.

DAWN! DAWN! DAWN! I am super excited for you!!! I am so relieved that your hubby is home for good - FINALLY! Keep him there! I hope he finds a job fast (Harley dealership??) but it's better he's home and unemployed than in danger's way. I am so excited for all your future days together and for jessie too (she did a great job, btw!) happy, happy times! wish i could see everyone's face this morning when he walks in!

Dawn what awesome news!!!!!!Blessing to you and your family!!!! Andrea

Dawn, I am so happy for you and your family to have your husband back home for good! Best wishes to you all.

Dawn, congratulations (and thank God) your hubby is home permanently from Iraq. Also, I didn't know Jesse was a hair stylist. Your highlights look beautiful!

Dawn it is very exciting to have Rich home for good now. Employed or not, he made it home safely. A job will be coming his way. Don't worry. Your hair looks great! Jessie did a great job. As for Rich, I kind of like his long hair, but trim up that beard! A close beard is nice.

God bless you all.

Fantastic news...I'm soooo happy for you all! Great job Jess, you look fantastic Dawn!

Wonderful news Dawn, glad your hubby is home safe and sound. Thanks for the Tim Hawkins you tube clip - I just forwarded it to our Pastor - we had a greeters meeting on Thursday evening last week - it would have been perfect for that! hee hee!

Fabulous, Wonderful, news. God Bless.... and let us know what your church did when the Griffith Family walked in together! It's just wonderful.

congrats Dawn!! I know what its like alway from family, I was in Iraq for a year and man did it suck! I was gone away from my 1 year old son, it hurt so bad! but we have to sacrifice things in our life. Tell your husband thank you!! because its not just the military risking their lives over there!!

Dawn, CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS BE TO GOD. That is AWESOME news. Jessie did a wonderful job on your hair. It looks beautiful. I agree with Gladys, thank you Rich, anyone who is there is risking their lives, glad you came home safely.

YAY!!!! I am SO SO happy for you guys! And hubby will find something soon, don't worry. God bless you guys!

I am so so happy for you, for both of you.
I very seldom post a comment, I'm always in the rush, but today had to make a pause and let you know that I am very happy that you have you husband back for good, he made it home safely that is what really matters, the Job I'm sure is already on its way.
I come to your page daily it is part of my routine every morning, my cup of tea, read your blog and hopefully learining a new stamping technique or a new project (this is 7 days a week). By the way, I would love to see more gift card holders or money holder projects ... Thinking this Christmas the Teenagers in my family are getting one even some of the adults as well.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Wishing you the best.

I have been praying for your husbands safe return and praise God for answered prayer. God will provide something; what matters is that you are all together. Thanks for sharing and I'm sure Jess will do a great job on his hair like she did on yours. God bless you all today & always.

Dawn...I am so happy to see your honey is home for good!! Love your sweet photo of the two of you together!! Much love & blessings!!

Such happy news! So happy for your family

Dawn congratulations on Hubby being home...but jessie is happy too....have a wonderful day together and cannot wait to
see what Jessie does to Dad's hair! Your looks awesome!

WELCOME HOME RICH !!!! WELCOME HOME !!!!!! I wish you could see my face...I'm grinning from ear to ear !!!

Love you guys

Dawn, I am so happy for you. I know how you feel and it is one of the best feeling in the world! PTL!

Such great news that your husband is home FOR GOOD! Enjoy your time together.

I'm glad to know your husband is home to stay and that his trip getting there was less eventful than last year's. Enjoy your time together!

PRAISE THE LORD! I rejoice with you!!! Thanks for serving, Dawn's hubby!!!!

PRAISE the LORD!!! Your hubby is home and your family is finally together!!!
Enjoy this much deserved time together.
Thank you Rich for what you have done to help the people of Iraq!
What a wonderful witness.
Nice to know you are home safe and sound.

So pleased for you both and send wishes from New Zealand that you will both have a long and happy life together.

Welcome Home, Rich! Don't let those gals get too carried away with the scissors! :) I sure hope you get a stateside job soon, but I think you deserve a bit of a break.

Happy for you Dawn and Jess!!!!

Oh Dawn I am crying, (just like when I first met you at convention this Summer). I just had to call my daughter and tell her the good news. She was happy as well.
So happy for you and your family. Tell your husband NOT to cut his hair. He won't look the same when he rides his Harley. Loved the beard as well. Oh, Jess did a fantastic job on your hair. Will she come to Florida and do my hair? HAHA!
I bet she will be having clients lining up at her station now.
Love Ya'

So happy for you, Dawn! I have loved getting to know you a little bit through your blog. Thank you for your Sunday Share and being so unashamed with your faith! You are such an encouragement to me. I love that Tim Hawkins clip. I have seen it quite a few times and still crack up every time!

Dawn, thanks for sharing your good news with everyone. So happy for you and your family. God is so good. Don't you just love answered prayers?

Thanks for the videos, love that Tim Hawkins.

Have a wonderful life.

Late to the party, but soooooooooooo soooooooooooooo happy for you and your family, Dawn!!! Wonderful news!! My husband spent over 3 years total in Iraq so far and it's tough on everyone. Hugs!!

Time Hawkins is so amazing, lol!

Dawn, I am so pleased for you guys to have Rich home again, and Praise God for His protection over all this time! Don't know you but we are all part of God's family, and I can imagine the celebration that happened in your Church! Blessings from Australia xx

You must be walking on air, so glad your honey is home for good!

Love ya,

Talk about an early Christmas gift ... So happy for all of you!

Praise the Lord...So happy for you and Jessie and of course I am sure he is just as delighted to be home... Bless you all... Love, Ginny

God bless you and your family so happy to hear that your husband is home safely from Iraq. May God watch over all the men and woman still there waiting to come home. Warm regards Cindy

I can feel your excitement and the love you have for your husband! How awesome for you both. God is our provider and I know He will provide your husband with a job in due course!


I am so Thrilled for you all.

Bigs hugs

Great news about your hubby Dawn.....thanks for sharing that video....great for a laugh!

Dawn and Rich: I could not be happier for you. My husband and I have been married 35 years and believe he has been gone for more than half that time. My point is that I understand the difficulty of separation, the joy of reunion and the awkwardness of learning to be a full time couple again. You have God and family to help with transition. Keep using the Harley therapy. I will be thinking of you.
Dawn thank you for all the inspiration you provide to those of us in the stampin up community.

I am so happy for your family to finally have your hubby home where you need him. Praise God that he is home safe, FOR GOOD. LOL. I believe and pray in the near future that he will have a local job. He just needs a break! LOL. Love ya.

This is such great news.
I'm very happy for you all.

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