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October 10, 2010


Blog Feed seems fine to me! Isn't
10-10-10 great! Today is my sons 13th Birthday!

The Perseverance game was very good. great for a 'boozy party' if you have those. Love the signs as well - I'm sure we could all do with those occasionally somewhere.


I have had no problem. Congrats to Jessie on her great job with school. My daughter also did this but unfortunately she has a learning disability and cannot pass the written tests so she cannot go for her practical....you are so very lucky!!!

I haven't had any problems with the blog, I didn't even notice the font was different. Lets make a deal is a good idea for a fun game.

Congrats to Jessie! I always used to go to the school to get my hair done. They do a great job, are always supervised, know the most current techniques and the prices can't be beat. The only reason I no longer go is I build a friendship with the girl I always asked for, and she offered to continue doing my hair and nails at a discount if I followed her to a local salon. She has done all my salon services for three years now.

I wanted to mention this because it's a good thought for Jessie about building up future clientele (even if she doesn't want to offer a future discount). It's a good way to build a client list for when she graduates!

I'll keep her future in my prayers. Thanks as always for the inspirational blog!

I was having the problem with letters on top of another, but it seems to be O.K. now. Maybe since you changed your font it is working better. Congrats to Jessie. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Linda D.

I only read your blog, not the feeds, but everything looks fabulous to me! Sorry to hear you've been having problems!

I have no problem as I read your blog in Google Reader

I had to laugh! BOTH of those signs are posted in a small cafe that I work at 2 days a week. oh how i WISH that we could actually implement those charges sometimes ;)

I don't usually use Goggle, but the words were layered over each other. With this new font they are still layered over each other but not as bad.

Works great for me!!! love your Blog Dawn... look forward to reading your posts. Tell Jessie I am very proud of her. It takes a lot of courage to do what she is doing. I know, I took the course myself but found out I didn't have the confidence to continue.. I passed the course and then quite... I did it because my mother-inlaw was a hairdresser and she wanted me to help with the buisness... It wasn't something I felt comfortable doing so no wonder I lacked the confidence... But I do admire anyone who has the abilty and skill to do so. Seeing her in the videos I can see she already has the people skills.. I am sure she is going to be very successful...


I haven't had any trouble reading your posts via email. I do go directly to your blog to watch videos especially on Sundays.

Please be in prayer for my friend Rhonda and her family. Her husband was in a bad auto accident about a week ago. He's got a double compound fracture of one leg. Thank God no spinal injuries! Needless to say, she's stressed out and worried about her husband while trying to take care of her three kids, etc. I know God is listening!


Today I noticed that the words were not overlapping. I took your advice about subscribing with Feedburner, but it turns out I was already subscribed with Feedburner.

Subscribe via Google Reader and have not had any problems before or now. Good luck to Jessie as she continues her schooling!

Thanks for mentioning about Google Blogspot bunching all the words together. It about drove me n-u-t-s trying to include spaced lines and getting nowhere. I finally gave up and glad I did and went to catch up on all my blogs on my Reader.

Hey Dawn,
love the signs! And the coffee video - that's me for sure. Over here in New Zealand the letters of your blog are as straight and unscrambled as always. No probs here. Just keep those great posts coming my way. As you say - LOVE IT!!

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