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September 20, 2010


Lovin' the Bling

Do you do anything special to adhere the covering cardstock since the top of the Altoids tin is embossed and not flat? Thank you!

Love, love, love it!!!! This is the best idea for the tooth fairy that I have ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing it. Have an awesome week!!!

Ohhh, so cute! I love it! You are always coming up with the most imaginative ways to decorate objects with paper to make as little gifts!

That cannot get any cuter! How darling!!

Super cute. With grandchildren about to turn 5 I had better get some of these made up for that lost tooth day. Thanks.

Wowie, that's cool!
Love the bling!!
Do you have a video how to do this?
I have a tin to pimp here, but don't know how to get started.
AND I love your video's!!

The Netherlands

Soooooo cute!!!!

Cute idea and ecologically sound too!

Such a cute gift box Dawn. Thank you for sharing!

Amazing!!! I'll have to buy an Altoids box because my six year old will be losing a tooth before too long! This will be perfect!!!!!

I have all my stuff (finally!) and I'm busy unpacking. My stamping room is one hot mess at the moment as every box that wouldn't fit anywhere else is stuffed in there, lol! I can't even GET IN my room yet. But soon, very, very soon I'll be stamping again...

Adorable, what do you have on the lower portion of the tin? Looks gold? Did you paint it or is that paper? Very very cute.

Oh my goodness. I just so have to make this tin. Too stinkin cute!!!!! Might even have to make one for my little guy too but don't think he will enjoy as much as little sister.

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