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August 22, 2010


That sounds like a really fun day out dawn! my golly, they will deep-fry anything! I tried d.f. twinkies and OREOS!!! in las vegas...hmm, not my favourite! that is awesome about jessie - my friend did that too and the written is a lot of work! a lot of biology, actually, right? good luck to her. it will be nice for hubby to be home soon. I have a split tooth and need a crown too but it is sooo expensive here in canada and i am too cheap to pay for it! there is so many stamps i'd rather buy! thanks for a great sunday share dawn! have a fab week!

Dawn, thanks for the video. I have seen it two or three times before and you just can't help crying every time you watch it!

Sounds like a fun fried Friday that you had! :)

Hi Dawn;
I saw your Sunday Share video last week...It is bittersweet for me, as our daughter Amanda leaves in 3 weeks to go to Iraq...She is with a Med-I-Vac Unit and will be there a year! God Bless all of our troops and your husband who is over there also!
Lynette Fresn,
Swanton, VT

Dawn, I'm so glad you told me to have kleenex -- I certainly needed it. And we thank Lynnette Fresn's daughter for her service!
God Bless and protect our troops.

I cried and cried too and I never cry. It felt so good to see all those children and their fathers re-united. It made my me miss my father to who has gone to heaven. Thanks for sharing this with us.
As usual Dawn you always give us something wonderful. Thanks,

Wow! I needed a case of Kleenex. Haven't seen my sailor for too long and I know how homesick he is. God bless them all and prayers for the families left behind; they have a tremendous job as well. Thanks for sharing. MJ

You look great in the glasses. You know I have to say that I really thought that deep fried twinkies was a joke. I didn't know they really made them. Sounds like you had fun.

Man that brought back a flood of emotion!!! My husband has recently retired from the Navy but I remember when he came home from Iraq. Such pure joy.

Video made me cry even though I've been through 3 deployments so far. It's really tough on military families.

So glad you had a great time with your daughter and friends. How were the cheeseburgers??? Happy almost anniversary too!

Ah, that was a good cry. I've not seen photographic evidence, but I think it probably goes something like this for you and Jess when Rich comes home. God Bless 'em all.

I loved your video. Thank you so much for sharing. Also thank you for the picture my daughter took of you and I at convention. Love, love, love your work.


Dawn, thank you so much for that video. Tears of joy for all those families filled my eyes. Thank you for sharing this. Everytime a I see a soldier, I want to hug him or her!!!

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